Summer classes!

Posted on March 15,2011 by hhaddadmspp

It’s hard to believe, but the semester is just about half way through. My second semester at MSPP has been flying by, and now it’s time to start thinking about the future!

And by the future I mean this summer…

Instead of daydreaming about beaches and barbecues, I have spent the last two weeks planning out my summer CLASS schedule. If you can believe this, I am just as excited about my class schedule as I am about the potential of warmer weather and all that comes with it for several reasons...

First of all, summer session is SHORT. One of my classes ends before July, and the other ends in the first week of July. This leaves me about two months to enjoy the sun without having to do homework!

Second, in the clinical psychology department, there is a rule that each student can only register for two summer classes in the clinical psychology department and one in the school psychology department. Therefore a clinical psychology PsyD student can only take up to three classes in the summer. After having full courseloads and practicums all year, this will be easy!

Third, there are many interesting course offerings. Summer classes are usually when people decide to get the requirements out of the way. And I intend on taking one class that is a requirement for graduation, but I also think that summer time is a time for fun. And I intend on having fun with my education by taking an elective that interests me. There are many great elective courses offered in the summer session, and it would be a shame to miss out on these opportunities by not taking summer courses.

Last, taking summer classes (even only two) will make it possible to avoid having a lot of coursework in your fourth year. For me, this is the ultimate draw to taking summer classes: by the time I am a fourth year, I will be happy I did this.

For all these reasons, I was up at nine AM sharp on Friday morning to register for my classes. And happily, I got into the courses that I really wanted. So now, I really can look forward to my future and my summer (classes)!