Summer Semester

Posted on March 14,2011 by kmorvillomspp

Last Friday, registration for summer classes opened at 9:00 am. I was at my computer, ready to go and as soon as 9:00 hit, I logged into SSIG on MyCampus to register. I couldn’t believe that some of the classes were already fully and I had to be waitlisted! I guess I’m not the only one that was just waiting for it to open.

I don’t think too many prospective students are aware that we have a summer semester here at MSPP. It consists of 6-7 week classes that begin at the end of May and end usually late June or early July. Students are allowed to take two summer courses and though it’s not required, it’s highly recommended if you plan on completing the Clinical PsyD program in 4 years.

The summer semester is structured similarly to the fall and spring semester, but just completed in a shorter amount of time. You attend two classes two days a week or can spread it out over four days if you’d like. Though it seems like you don’t get any time off for the summer you do- usually students have the month of July and August off. You’ll be working at your placement until the end of June anyways, so the summer semester isn’t bad.

There are a lot of great classes to choose from during the summer and usually many required courses are offered. This gives you a chance to get some of the requirements out of the way, which allows you to take electives during the fall and spring semesters. This summer semester I registered for Clinical Practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which will meet one of my requirements for my advanced theory classes. I also signed up for Physiological Psychology, but was waitlisted- I registered for Ethics in case I didn’t get in. Both of these classes are also required for the PsyD program, so either way I’ll have to take them at some point.

I’m excited for the summer semester because I can finish up the rest of my requirements. Then I can take some electives next fall, like Geropsychology and Personality Assessment. I can’t believe we’re midway through the spring semester, but I know I’m looking forward to the nice weather and the summer semester.