A Day in the Life of an M.A. Counseling Student

Posted on March 09,2011 by sburnsmspp

This week I am going to blog briefly about what I’ve been up to in my classes because, as a prospective student, it may be helpful to have a sneak peek into the day in the life of an MSPP M.A. Counseling student!

This semester I am only taking two courses because I took an extra elective during the very hectic required summer courses. Right now in my Internship Seminar, students are doing case presentations on clients from their internship sites (keeping confidentially, of course). It’s very interesting to learn about other clients my classmates are treating because many of the sites have work with a specific population (i.e., substance abuse, teens, eating disorders, etc.) so they may have a type of client with which I have yet to work. During the presentation, we have to discuss our theoretical formulation, so it is helpful to hear what approach students chose, and then talk about what other types of therapy/perspectives may be helpful. At the end, we are required to discuss our growth as a counselor from working with these clients, so it is always nice to hear how much more confident students feel after being challenged by a new client.

In my Capstone class, we are turning in an in-depth outline this coming week that will ideally layout our paper and make it easier to start writing after having conceptualized the entire paper. I did a rough draft last week and brought it into class for feedback from my professor. I’m feeling good about my outline and just need to make a few edits before handing it in. What is slightly anxiety provoking about finishing the outline is that it represents the last step before literally sitting down to write my paper! I have a big task ahead of me…

Until next time, this has been a day in the life of an MSPP M.A. Counseling student!