Self-care can be anything!

Posted on March 08,2011 by hhaddadmspp

Self-care. Have you heard this term before? I know the first time I heard this phrase was during Fundamentals Week (orientation) at MSPP. For something so important to psychologists, it seems that I should have been aware of the concept of self-care much earlier than beginning the program at MSPP. I bet you’re on the edge of your seat wondering what exactly self-care means… Well, don’t worry, I’m going to tell you!

Self-care can be…ANYTHING! That’s right. Anything you do to calm down and relax. It may seem silly to emphasize the importance of doing calming activities, but it is really easy to forget that psychologists (MSPP students, included) need breaks too. Especially considering the fact that for some of us, this is our first time seeing clients.

One activity that I enjoy (and I can do because it is self-care) is shopping. Yes, graduate students can still go shopping, as long as you’re careful. Around Boston, it is easy to get caught up in shopping: there are so many malls and shopping areas (including many designer shops), so extra caution is required. But many savvy Bostonians make a trip to the outlet shops in Wrentham. A quick 40 minute drive from the West Roxbury area and you will be surrounded by so many sales that you won’t know where to shop first! If you decide to visit the outlets, make sure you leave a whole day free, as it is really hard to fully take in the Wrentham outlets quickly. Also, make sure to check the weather reports before your trip to Wrentham, as it is an open shopping area. Finally, always take a (MSPP) friend with you, to help you avoid getting too drawn into the sales!

Clearly, if shopping can be considered self-care, many other activities can be considered as well. Reading, cooking, sports, walking, listening to music, seeing friends…. Just pick your favorite and make sure you make time for it!