An MSPP Filled Weekend!

Posted on March 03,2011 by sburnsmspp

This past weekend I was involved with MSPP academically, voluntarily, and socially! On Saturday I attended a very successful Interview Day. I was a student interviewer who helped to lead the group interview round, as well as five individual interviews. I was very impressed with the quality of applicants and their ability to answer difficult questions on the spot. Many of the interviewees had done ample amounts of volunteer work and some had challenging internship experiences that may help them during their first year at Practicum. The next Interview Day is March 12th. Check out my previous blog for some advice about what to expect on the big day (sadly, I will not be able to volunteer again)!

Saturday night I organized a fondue party for some of my classmates. I think that I ate enough for an entire week! Each friend brought ingredients and we had two different kinds of cheese fondue and one oil fondue for meats. We had tasty French bread, fresh Focaccia, apples, and tortellini for dipping in the cheese. My favorite, however, was the chocolate fondue for dessert, which was accompanied by rice crispy treats, marshmallows, a variety of Oreos, pound cake, and pretzels—I’m starting to drool just writing about it! It was a fun and relaxing evening where we could kick back and have a good time.

However, Sunday I was rudely awakened into reality when I realized that I had 20 annotated bibliographies for my Capstone project due the following day! Luckily, we had been turning in 5 annotations each week in February, but we had our last 5 due in edition to edits from the remaining 15! I’m relieved that I’m finished writing them, but now I have an outline to start preparing that will be extremely time consuming. At least when I sit down to write my paper, I will be thankful that I have taken many steps along the way!