Student Trip to New Orleans

Posted on February 28,2011 by msppblog

Greetings from New Orleans! The group arrived safely and have been busy so far. Yesterday we worked with the Saint Bernard Project, a pretty inspiring organization seeing that the founders, two regular volunteers with limited knowledge and skills came down, volunteered, and decided to move here and continue their work. They have now re-built 342 homes in the New Orleans area. Our project for the day was demolition! The group removed floor tiles, insulation, nails and cleaned and prepared the home for mold treatment. We then moved to another home where we did some painting. At the first home, we met the homeowner who was more than happy to talk with us about who she was and experienced. We finished up the afternoon with a drive through the lower ninth ward, stopping at the community center to talk with the director there about what is going on in the area. Everyone was pretty tired by days end.

Today we will work with Project Greenlight and then Boys and Girls Club. Everyone is pretty excited.