Interview Day!

Posted on February 22,2011 by sburnsmspp

This weekend I am volunteering at MSPP for interview day! Along with a professor, I’ll be conducting interviews with M.A. Counseling applicants. If you’re one of the lucky folks attending interview day this Saturday, February 26th, how prepared are you? Here’s some information that will hopefully slow your heart rate and let you know what to expect:

1) Arrive at 8AM for breakfast (there’s usually a combination of things like bagels, Danishes, fruit, juice, coffee, etc). For a half hour you can eat and mingle with other applicants and current student chatters, who are there to help answer any questions.

2) My first individual interview begins at 9:10AM! You should be prepared for at least a 30-minute interview. I suggest familiarizing yourself with your resume, being able to talk about previous work experience, and discussing why you want to enter the field. When I was an applicant, I was also asked about what kind of internship and population I would like to work with if I was accepted, so give that some thought too.

3) This is extremely cliché, but be yourself and let us get a sense of your personality. Even though you are interviewing with the school, MSPP should also be “auditioning” for you. You should feel comfortable and as though you could fit in to the school’s small community. Is this an environment in which you can see yourself for the next two years?

4) Be prepared with some questions to ask the professor and current student that are interviewing you. Think about topics outside of the classroom experience, such as internship, community service, diversity, social activities, etc.

5) Take a deep breath and enjoy your lunch! This is another great opportunity to mingle with current and prospective students.

I hope that this has calmed some of your nerves and that you are excited to come see MSPP! This is a helping profession in which personal interactions are probably one of the most important aspects of your career. I would not be surprised if one of the things that the admissions team is looking for is your ability to relate to and communicate with others. GOOD LUCK!