Such a friendly community

Posted on February 21,2011 by hhaddadmspp

When I first interviewed at MSPP, I was surprised at how welcoming and nice everyone was. After having lived in New York City for a year, such niceness was a shock to me. I couldn’t believe that such a friendly environment could exist year round...

But now that I am a student here, I see that it does. In particular, I am thinking about my first year class. Although MSPP sponsors many “getting to know you” events throughout the year, my class has taken initiative in arranging these events. The first such event happened only one week into the school year when someone from our class invited everyone over to his house for a barbecue. Such openness seemed daring to me, especially only one week into the program. But the timing of the event was perfect, and it seemed that many of my classmates saw the event as a great bonding experience.

Taking my classmate’s example, a couple of my friends and I sent out an invitation to celebrate the milestone of being 1/16th of the way done with our doc program in October. I admit, I was nervous about sending an email inviting the ENTIRE class to a party/celebration but it paid off. People really appreciated the gesture, and it was a great way to meet people from my year who I do not get to see in class.

Just this past week there was another one of these celebrations. Two of my classmates invited the first year class over to their apartment in honor of the long weekend. It turned out to be a very fun event, and once again I seized the opportunity to meet new people from my year, and get to know people I had already met.

These types of student initiated events are the perfect example of the friendliness of the MSPP community, and show that year round niceness can and does exist!