My Spring Semester Classes

Posted on February 21,2011 by kmorvillomspp

It’s been just over a month since Spring Semester started and so far classes are going great. As a second-year Clinical PsyD student I’m taking a few theory classes, and finishing up my second semester of Research and my Rorschach class. I also have a clinical seminar that meets once a week with about eight students. Even though it meets at 8:30 in the morning, which means I’m waking up at 6:00 AM to make it there on time (I live further from school than most) it’s fun to sit and chat with fellow students about their practicum experiences; plus there’s always food, which just makes everything better!

As for my theory classes I’m taking Psychodynamics and Humanistic- I’m really enjoying the Humanistic class, especially because we begin each class with a ten-minute meditation and often break into small groups to discuss things we’ve covered. Research is also interesting and recently we’ve been focusing on our Doc Projects. I wouldn’t have thought that as a second-year I would have pretty much decided what I wanted to do my doc project on, but my Research class has made this process much easier and hopefully prepared me for what lies ahead.

I absolutely love my Rorschach class. I find it incredibly interesting and love that the class is a yearlong. Last semester we focused on administering the Ink Blot test and learning how to code people’s responses. This year we are focused on interpreting the results, which is really cool. It’s amazing the things you can find out about people from this test- Whether or not one can regulate his/her emotions, acknowledge his/her needs, or even have psychoses! Some people are skeptical of the Rorschach, but for any one that has any doubts, I recommend taking a class on it. In the end you can decide if you agree with it or not, while still having fun in the process.

Classes so far at MSPP have been challenging, fun, and above all enlightening. Though these classes are demanding and I often feel overwhelmed, I love learning something new every time I go. I only look forward to third year classes, where I’ll have the opportunity to take more electives and further narrow down my doc project.