Grad school can be FUN?!

Posted on February 13,2011 by hhaddadmspp

Most people do not associate the words FUN and HOMEWORK. And I admit I never did…until I came to MSPP and started my second semester in the clinical psychology PsyD program. So far, one semester in, all the assignments given at MSPP have been great especially because almost all of them have required me to incorporate the clinical experiences I am having at my practicum. Such assignments allow me to use my field placement in order to gain a better understanding of psychological theory, while also helping me grow and improve as a clinician. Despite all the wonderful benefits of these assignments, I would not call them FUN in the traditional sense of the word.

One assignment has changed my opinion on homework assignments being fun. The first assignment in my social psychology class was a creative writing assignment. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the description of this assignment on the syllabus. It seemed too good to be true: an assignment that required no research or reading or references! Honestly, at first I was a little freaked out and intimidated by this assignment, as were my classmates. Some of us preferred the idea of having to write a research paper. As I began work on the assignment, though, I really began to have fun. I was able to incorporate some of my outside interests (including Twilgiht) while improving my comfort with the American Psychological Association Publication Manual.

While having fun on this assignment I also learned a lot. Indeed, I think that fun is the factor that helped the lesson stick with me. Through this assignment, I have enhanced my comfort with APA publication style, a skill that will be priceless to me in my future as a clinical psychologist.

Besides the concrete lesson in APA style, another more subtle lesson was learned: at MSPP learning happens all the time, regardless of the type of assignment (and even if it isn’t fun).