Winter break is over...

Posted on February 13,2011 by hhaddadmspp

Since this is my first posting, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Haneen, and I am a first year student in the Clinical Psychology PsyD program. For my field placement, I work with adolescents in a school setting.

I have to admit to something… And that is for the first time ever, I was actually excited to be coming back to school! While I did enjoy getting a break from writing papers and readings, there is a certain comfort in being back in the MSPP community once again. It is a community that is so supportive and welcoming that it is hard not to look forward to coming back. I was especially looking forward to my clinical seminar class and fourth year supervision.

Clinical seminar is a required full year course for all students in their first, second, and fourth years in the Clinical Psychology PsyD program. For me, the class has been an excellent support and addition to my experience at my field placement. In first year clinical seminar we review theories and ideas pertinent to providing therapy, in addition to discussing cases that we are each working on. It is a great class because it is so small (my seminar only has six people), and we all get an equal time to discuss our clients. Also, there is food every week!

Fourth year supervision is optional, but extremely helpful. All fourth years in the Clinical Psychology PsyD program are required to take a class on supervision. They get their practical experience in supervision by providing optional supervision to the first year Clinical Psychology students. Even though it is optional, I think every first year should participate. Those first years who wish to participate get paired up with a fourth year student sometimes based on clinical interests, matching first year field placement sites, or matching schedules. So far, getting supervision from someone who has been in the same position of being a first year at MSPP has been invaluable. Moreover, the supervision that fourth year supervisors provide does not necessarily have to be about issues at your field placement, I have also gotten help and advice about MSPP and being a grad student.

Overall, my first week back from vacation reminded me of why I chose to come to MSPP (the supportive community). I am excited to be beginning my second semester at MSPP, and I am looking forward to a productive spring!