Second Year Practicum Applications

Posted on February 07,2011 by hhaddadmspp

It’s hard to believe that the semester could already be in full swing, but it is, despite all the snow days we have had. So far, the topic of conversation (at least with other first years) has been next year’s practicum sites….

Amazingly, the site search process began in November! While still getting settled at my current placement, I had to begin thinking about what type of site I wanted to apply to for next year. Did I want to work with kids or adults? Did I want to work in a hospital, prison, or outpatient facility? Did I want more experience with individual or group work? So many questions to ask, but eventually the lists were narrowed, and each first year had five sites to which to apply.

All the applications were submitted over winter break, and now most people are in the midst of interviews. The anxiety on campus is palpable, each of us worried about being placed. The supportive community has been a help with this anxiety, as everyone has felt or is feeling this way. And with the extensive site list that the field placement office has put together, I am easily reassured that me and all my classmates will find the perfect placement.

Professionally, all the applications we submit and interviews we go on as MSPP students will prepare us for the real world and finding a job after MSPP. I truly appreciate all the advice and feedback I have gotten on my cover letters, resumes, and interviewing techniques: all priceless information that is useful to me now and in the future. Here is some of the advice on practicum applications that I have gotten at MSPP:

  • Always have more than one person edit your resume and cover letter. Even if you think they are perfect!
  • Don’t rule out a site because of distance.
  • Practice for your interview! Create a list of questions to ask, come up with sample answers to questions they may ask…
  • Have extra copies of your resume and cover letters.
  • Don’t forget to be courteous! Always thank people for the interview.

It is the advice that I have gained through submitting my applications that has taught me how to present myself as a professional psychologist, and I can feel myself growing into the professional I hoped to become before starting at MSPP.