2nd Blog Update from Angie in New Orleans (Service Trip)

Posted on January 06,2011 by msppblog

Today is my birthday and it was the best birthday ever because we spent the day at a head start program. We arrived at the head start program at eight in the morning and met Ms. McGee. Ms. McGee is the principal/director of the head start and she gave us a lot of information on how the head start program works and some information on the children who go there. Our group was divided between three classrooms of four and five year olds. Spending time with these kids was the most fun I have had in a long time. We worked on puzzles, read stories, danced, and just talked. The kids didn't want us to leave and I don't think any of us wanted to leave either. All of the children we worked with were African-American and Ms. McGee told us the children would be interested in touching our hair because our hair is different from theirs. The first thing that happened to me when I approached a little girl is she went straight to my hair. It was interesting to see the childrens perspective of differences between skin color and hair type. I also continued to think how these children who are four and five are going to view New Orleans and what happened there. They were born after the storm and do not have a view of what New Orleans looked like before.

Tonight we are going to the New Orleans Hornets game as volunteers to face paint, etc. We are all looking forward to this. Tomorrow we will be working on a construction project but we don't have all of the details yet.