Student Service Trip to New Orleans: C.A.R.E. Update from Angie Reather-

Posted on January 04,2011 by msppblog

Just an update on how things are going so far. Yesterday we teamed up with camp restore and worked at a site in the lower 9th ward called the Village. The Village is a community center headed by an amazing man named Mack. When we first arrived on site we had a reflection group with more than 50 other volunteers and everyone had to say something about their experience thus far. The whole reflection was very powerful and a positive experience. The thing that stuck out for me was how devastated the area still is and how much hope people still have. Mack said that 75 percent of people in this area still aren't in their homes.

The work for the day entailed clearing out multiple rooms on site to make room for children to be at the community center. A library was already built and we helped make a gym for the children while another group made a computer room. A good moment was when an eleven year old boy went on the treadmill right after we built the gym.

Today we are working on the project green light. So far it is going well! We had a slow start but have already changed about 100 lightbulbs and we have met some amazing people. We are currently at the house of an fbi agent whose house was in eight feet of water during Katrina.

We are still on the road so I will update you later. So far an amazing trip!