M.A. vs PsyD part III

Posted on November 29,2010 by sburnsmspp

To continue my blogs concerning why MSPP students chose specific programs, here are two more responses from a second year Forensic Counseling Program student and a second year PsyD student:

Kelly Dean, a Forensic student, wrote, “Basically, I was looking to go back to graduate school and I started researching programs and came across MSPP for the PsyD. Once I spent some time on their website, I saw that they also offered a Master's program and the course load looked impressive. I was also considering where I went to undergrad but, although their program was better known than MSPP, the field placement at MSPP appeared to do a more thorough job of preparing their students for licensure. My undergrad was so huge that it was nearly impossible to develop relationships with the professors, so I liked the concept of a smaller school where one could take the time to develop personal and professional relationships. I felt that being at a smaller school would provide a better launch pad for my career, and allow for more effective networking. Finally, my interview with Dr. Susan Powell confirmed my decision. She was so patient and thorough, that I felt the faculty was really committed to their students and the education process. Looking back, I definitely made the right decision; I have, in fact, made great contacts, been afforded the opportunity of an amazing internship, and I have had the luxury of meeting some incredible people.”

Bryan Harnsberger, a PsyD student stated, “I started a master’s program in research psychology as practice for a PhD, however I found it very competitive, cut-throat, and there was no clinical implications for what I was doing. I decided to drop out of the program after a year. An old undergraduate professor referred MSPP to me, so I decided to apply. I thought the PsyD was fitting for my interested because it dealt with more human services and less research than a PhD. I wanted to do the PsyD instead of the master’s degree so that I could have as many options as possible when I graduate. So far, I am enjoying the program.”

As you can see, every student I have interviewed so far has had a different reason for choosing his or her specific program. I recommend taking time to research each program so that you can make a choice that best accommodates your interests and needs. Talk to people in the field, college professors, look at job listings to see what types of positions interest you, and call or e-mail MSPP admissions with any questions!