The Importance of Time Management

Posted on November 28,2010 by jyalofmspp

When I was in high school, my dad would often pass by my bedroom and make a comment along the lines of, "Your room is kind of messy. Is there something going on that is upsetting you?" I remember thinking about his observation, but ultimately brushing it off and telling him I just had a lot going on and didn't have time to clean.

In retrospect, he was spot on. The state of my room did suffer when I was feeling overwhelmed in some capacity. The correlation between the state of my room and, to some extent, the state of how I am organized in other facets of my life, holds true to this day.

That being said... my room was looking kind of messy last week, and I think I know why. It's officially that time of year: the rush to finish assignments and take finals before a well deserved winter break. The importance of time management is increasingly becoming clear; if you can't get organized, you'll find yourself swamped and doing work the night before. I know enough about my learning style to recognize that cramming things in the night before is rarely effective.

The week before Thanksgiving break I noticed the mess, and decided I needed to organize my upcoming week to incorporate some of the assignments I have coming up. The following play-by-play was my attempt at having a life and organizing my time so that I would get work done and enjoy my Thanksgiving break in Philadelphia:

Monday: I was scheduled to see 6 clients on this day. One was a no-show, and I used this time to catch up on an assignment. Afterward, I went to a spinning class, which gave me time to just decompress after the day. I then did work in my living room. I told my roommate I wanted to watch a TV show with her at 9, so I made sure to get all of my work done before this. The TV show/general socializing was a nice motivator.

Tuesday: Tuesdays are a big day for supervision at my site. This is (obviously) a great time to sort out any concerns you're having with clients, and get advice from other professionals about cases. Simply speaking about certain situations helped me to feel better about them. Afterward I went to a Yoga class with a friend, which helped me relax.

Wednesday: Class all day long ( 8:30 am-7:30 pm).

Thursday: Internship. Went to a library (!) with a friend and found that, not surprisingly, I got a lot more done in a quiet environment. Also, noticing that my guitar stand was being used to hang necklaces on and that my guitar was hidden underneath some jewelery, I decided to pick up the instrument again and play for a bit. It was nice to reconnect with something I once had more time to do.

Friday: As I am new to Massachusetts, it is pretty important for me to go out on the weekends, meet new people, have fun, etc. But Friday I made the conscious decision to stay in and get some extra work done. I felt better after doing so, and knew that I'd be able to enjoy my time in Philly more!

Saturday: I went to a local Starbucks and worked on a report. I didn't get as much done as I did in the quiet library, but it was a nice mixture of people watching, work, and coffee. Afterward, I went to see a movie with a friend then went out for my roommate's birthday in the city.

Sunday: Went to the library with a friend. I also cleaned up my room!

Monday: Went to my internship, then headed straight to NYC to visit people, and then off to Philly for Thanksgiving!