Additional Reasons for the M.A. vs PsyD

Posted on November 24,2010 by sburnsmspp

I wanted to include another quote from a fellow MA Counseling student on why she chose the MA program, which was the topic of my blog ( posted earlier this week:

Beth Huey wrote, "I had originally thought that the only way I could become a therapist was to get my PsyD. However, after doing the research, I discovered that I could do want I had always wanted to do with only a Masters. What's more, getting a Masters degree was less expensive and much faster to attain. It was more important to me to get out in the field, doing the work and gaining experience right away. With my Masters in Mental Health Counseling, I can be working in therapy with the clients I want to see, having only been in school for two years.

The MA program at MSPP has given me the knowledge and hands on experience that I need to be out in the field, getting my hands dirty, and really immersing myself in the work. Someday, I may return to achieve a PsyD, but at this point in my life, a Masters degree has given me everything I need to be what I have always dreamed of being."