A Full Plate

Posted on November 15,2010 by sburnsmspp

Are you wondering what is on my plate mid-semester as a second year counseling student? If not, I’ll tell you anyway:

This week at my internship I have two new client intakes scheduled, 4 hours of individual therapy, 5 hours of group therapy, 1 hour of individual supervision, and 1 hour of group supervision!

Today, in my Internship Seminar class, I had to give a 30-minute case presentation about one of my clients from internship. The assignment entailed writing a detailed case formulation that consisted of a biopsychosocial assessment (demographic information, nature of presenting complaint/problem, history of presenting problems, medical history, developmental history, psychosocial history, psychiatric history and treatment, trauma, history, substance use history, safety risks, legal history, family mental health history), mental status exam, a differential diagnosis (DSM‐IV TR Axes I‐V), conceptualization of my case based on a theoretical orientation of my choice (MSPP professors are very open about using different theoretical approaches, without pressuring us to use one approach or giving the impression that there is only one correct approach), and a description of our experiences working with the client (i.e., nature and quality of the therapeutic alliance; awareness of diversity issues; transference/countertransference; aspects that have been challenging and/or rewarding).

I had a “Current Knowledge” paper due in my Multi-Stressed Families class last week. I was required to discuss and reflect on what I have learned so far in the course (different therapeutic techniques and therapies). I explored what made the most sense to me, and where I felt confused or in the dark. I had to identify my growing edge and areas I wanted to explore more fully. We then discussed the paper as a class, focusing on what the most common responses were.

In my Consultation and Collaboration class I am working on a paper due this coming Monday. The assignment was to contact a mental health professional in an agency or a fellow classmate and put into use the consultation/collaboration skills that I have been learning over the semester. The paper requires students to meet two times (or more) with their “consultee.” I have to write about who the consultee and client system were, the nature of the problem dealt with, a descriptions of what happened at each stage of collaboration/consultation, a critique of my performance in terms of relationship skills, communication skills, professional behavior skills, problem-solving skills, and skills in working with diverse populations/organizations. I also have to address how I would do things differently if I could do it over again, what I learned about consultations/collaboration from the experience, and what I learned about myself as the result of the experience.

Aren’t you exhausted from just reading this?! Good thing that Thanksgiving is around the corner and I have a week off from classes!