Utilizing Resources

Posted on November 11,2010 by jyalofmspp

I have found that MSPP fosters the kind of environment that encourages students to utilize various resources to obtain the support, guidance or information that they are seeking. I have heard horror stories of programs that simply forget about the student, and don’t make their needs a top priority. It simply takes a lax supervisor here, a competitive student environment there, and suddenly the school experience becomes a nightmare. Below, I’ve listed some valuable resources that MSPP offers.

Supervision: So important! If you find that you aren’t receiving proper supervision ( i.e., it occurs once every two weeks, or lasts about 15 minutes, or isn’t productive) then do speak up! This can mean talking to your supervisor directly about how your needs are not being met, or talk to the internship coordinator at MSPP.

Clinical seminar: Clinical seminar is a valuable resource. Your clinical sem. class is a small group of students who meet weekly with a professor to talk about practicum/internship related topics. Sometimes there is a “go around,” where students go around and talk about different issues that have come up at their placement recently. It is also a time for supervision; students play their recorded sessions and receive feedback.

Professors: I am interested in a specific research topic. I asked a professor if any of his colleagues shared this interest, and he was able to provide me with a professor’s name. I then e-mailed this professor and set up a meeting. She was happy to meet with me and we had a productive conversation. I felt better after our meeting and not as “alone” in my interest.

Classmates- The student body at MSPP are so welcoming and nice, that you instantly feel comfortable. If you have any questions you can always ask a classmate!

MSPP’s library- I often see students perusing the book options. The location of the library is also quite central to the school environment. You can always migrate to the library if you need any assistance. This is an area where you are bound to find a professor/classmate/book/computer available.

As I continue in the program I am sure I will come across many other fantastic resources. As for now, I feel like the school encourages me to utilize all of the resources in order to get my needs met.