Internship Application Process

Posted on November 08,2010 by pfuentesmoadmspp

Time goes fast at MSPP! This past week, the school hosted some meetings to explain us second year students the internship application process for third and fourth year. One of the most important things that influenced my decision of applying to MSPP was that, unlike other programs, MSPP’s integral model requires students to be involved in the mental health field since first year, so the first two years of the program are practicum and the last two years of the program consist of completing two half-time internships.

I feel like it was last month when I had my phone interview (I was living in Mexico City at that time) for Arbour Latino Partial Hospitalization Program, where I completed my first practicum year. That site was a great experience for me not only in the sense that I learned to do psychodynamically oriented group work, intakes, and other things; but also I also learned and got to experience the hospital rush and system, which for me was important as I come from a different health system. Most important, I made some great friends at that site whom I really value, trust, and have fun with in a frequent basis.

If I feel that the interview for first year practicum was last month, then I feel that my interview for second year practicum was yesterday… I can’t believe I am almost halfway through my practicum at New England Conservatory Counseling Center. This has been a very different experience from my first year experience and I personally think that they complement each other in a fantastic way. My first year practicum was in Spanish (my native language), and this one is in English, NEC is about individual short and long-term psychotherapy, whereas Arbour was about short-term group psychotherapy. The population also is very different, however, they have in common that both sites are psychodynamically oriented, which is important for me, as I really feel theoretically inclined towards psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. They also have in common that we are building a wonderful friendship.

So now, I can’t believe the process for my third year internship will begin soon, and that shortly I’ll know where my first three years of field placement training will be. For now, I have more questions than answers to where I will apply for internships. I question about language: should I continue working in English or switch back to Spanish? I question about the population I want to work with: should I follow my instincts of a long-term desire of working with certain population or should I deepen my knowledge on working with other kind of population? I question about some other things as well: questions, questions, questions.

I guess that for me, in the same way that when I was applying for graduate school, this is a process in which my past, my present and my future all come very alive and together (very similar to the struggles between the id, the ego and the super-ego…). However, I know that through talking and consulting with different people – my advisor, students, my present and past supervisors, my friends, my family, my psychoanalyst, my husband, and even my dog – things will get clear and I am confident that I will end up in the place that I am supposed to be.