Student Coordinating Committee (SCC) Has Bake Sale Success!

Posted on October 28,2010 by sburnsmspp

Many schools have their own form of student government, and at MSPP we have the Student Coordinating Committee (SCC). This is one of the many ways students can get involved at MSPP above and beyond their academic work. This is my second year being a class representative. As a class rep, I attend a monthly SCC meeting where representatives (and anyone else interested) from all programs get together for dinner and discuss issues/concerns/suggestions that they have about their program and the school in general. My duties include taking any second year M.A. Counseling student concerns to the meeting, as well attend a brief meeting with the program director, Dr. Nilda Clark, to address these concerns. Last year the SCC had some non-academic success when a motivated student posed the idea of starting an MSPP softball team (if you read my blogs from last year, you would know that we made it to the playoffs)!!!

This past month I volunteered to run a SCC Bake Sale in order to raise money for the student group costs and for future student activities. I know that many of us who participate in the SCC would like to see more social events available for students in all programs. At the meeting we discussed how it would be great to have a student movie night, bowling, other sports teams, and even a Boston Harbor cruise in the spring before graduation. I hope that we not only can brainstorm these fantastic bonding activities, but that we can actually get them off the ground running! I hosted the bake sale this week with another SCC member and together the MSPP community raised a few hundred dollars! I felt so supported in my fundraiser endeavor. At least fifteen students, staff, and faculty volunteered to donate baked goods, and people bought the tasty treats for two days! This just shows how much the MSPP community truly cares about its students.