It's Always Sunny In...Boston?

Posted on September 25,2010 by jyalofmspp

Welcome! I want to express how excited I am that you are showing an interest in any of the following: psychology, MSPP, Boston, or...reading blogs? In making the decision to pursue a degree in psychology you will grow in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. How I conceptualize the world, myself, and people in general is not how I conceptualized these things two years ago. This is largely in part to all aspects of my master’s program, including an intense internship, and beginning my own personal therapy. How I think and understand the world around me will continue to change over the next few years in the doctoral program, and especially in the next couple of months as I enter this new environment.

I assume that because you found your way to this page (unless you entered a typo into the browser, in which case- welcome!) that you are open to this new way of thinking that potentially awaits you. I hope that this blog offers some guidance as you decide if MSPP and the field of psychology are for you. And, since one cannot underestimate the importance of location, the city of Boston as well!

I recently moved to Boston from Philadelphia. Boston is a place I’ve always wanted to live. I think I was attracted to the city because of its amazing historical vibe. Mainly, I’m interested in exploring the psychology of some of History’s characters and have volunteered at historical sites in Philly and now in Boston. This city, with its cultural vibe, as well as its modern, fun feel, seemed ideal. Plus, Massachusetts is a beautiful, outdoorsy state.

I also showed an early interest in MSPP. I applied for my PysD here two years ago, and didn’t get in! Looking back I’m not surprised ( I had ZERO clinical experience), but my eventual acceptance demonstrates that if you can identify what will make you a better candidate in the future and work on attaining those resume-builders, the MSPP team is open and excited about your dedication. Was it like running back to an ex after getting rejected once? Maybe. Am I glad I re-applied? Yes!

The first two days after my move I was in my element. I was about to start taking classes I was excited about, interning at a college counseling center, reconnecting with family members, getting to know my roommate and living in a city I’ve always innately felt I’d love. Everything was new and exciting and a bit surreal. It was a week after that I realized what a big transition I was making. I began to miss friends and family from home, and the comfort level I had built. Except for a brief stint studying abroad in London and some personal traveling, this is my first “big” move, and I realized it was perfectly alright to feel out of place and not immediately adjusted. In fact, it’s completely normal.

Luckily for me, after attending MSPP’s orientation, I became quickly aware that this was a warm, open community that would make me feel welcome.