4 Weeks into the School Psych Program

Posted on September 24,2010 by jennymspp

Hello everyone, since this is my first official post, I thought that I would explain a little of my background and summarize my experiences with MSPP and the School Psychology (M.A./C.A.G.S.) program so far.

First of all, I grew up in a small town called Southampton in the western part of the state of MA. Some of its claims to fame are a nationally acclaimed water supply, Opa Opa Steakhouse & Brewery, and Northampton (haha). I lived in that area my whole life until this past June when I moved to Marlborough, MA. It’s a bit of a change. It’s definitely way more diverse out here in pretty much any way I can think of. There are no mountains, it is quite flat (I have yet to find a decent hiking trail). And of course, being closer to Boston is a big change. Instead of just sitting around on weekends, I am more likely to go out because there is just so much to do.

What helped influence my decision to move to the metro-west area was MSPP. I attended an Open House in October of last year and was impressed by small class sizes and friendly helpful staff and students. Best of all, the School Psychology program looked great. I knew I wanted to go here before I even looked at any other schools. So I didn’t end up applying to any others! In hindsight, I probably should have visited other schools just for comparison, but even knowing what I know now about the other schools I am happy with my choice. MSPP’s School Psych program is less research-oriented and more counseling focused which is good because I learned from doing my undergrad thesis that research is not something I particularly enjoy.

I am really liking my classes so far. It is a bit hard sitting through 3-hour classes, especially 3 back-to-back ones on Monday, but there are breaks so I can grab something to eat or walk around outside for a bit. The subject matter is really relevant to what we will be doing as School Psychologists. We learn about how to do testing, how to talk to kids, how to understand articles related to School Psych, and what to do when students have special needs. Most importantly, we are placed in an elementary school our FIRST year. This is pretty rare because most programs only put you in your practicum placement the second year. This way we get a head start in seeing what things are really like in a school and gain experience with the position faster. I will be writing more about this later. I will also be posting about what a typical week is like for me in the program. So stay tuned for my latest post within the next week!