Thoughts on Fall Semester

Posted on September 20,2010 by pfuentesmoadmspp

As the atmosphere starts to chill, 2010-fall semester seems to be taking its own form. I find that each semester has a different air to it, and it definitely adds to the learning process of clinical psychology at MSPP. For instance, I feel that second year courses at MSPP add a layer of deepness in knowledge and experience, and I am very enthusiastic about the continuous process of finding my own voice as a clinical psychologist to be.

Theory courses are some of the typical second year courses, and I find it fascinating the way in which these courses become alive in my daily life, as you begin to identify and integrate in a deeper level clinical cases (I must confess that sometimes I identify theory in other areas of my life that are not clinical cases…). The process of finding your voice as a clinician is such an interesting process that occurs in many different settings, including of course those amazing times we get to spend with those people who were unknown for us one year ago and are now really close friends.

Honestly, as much as I feel enthusiastic about classes this semester, I was very pleased to see my MSPP friends and classmates again. The enjoyment in everyone’s faces on the first day of classes was priceless! Enjoyment to see each other, enjoyment for everything that we had completed (first year) and everything we have to come (the years to come), enjoyment for growing together. I feel confident that as the atmosphere starts to chill with the coming of fall, the friendly atmosphere at MSPP will really keep things warm, and I am very grateful for it.