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Language in Psychotherapy

Posted on October 16,2010 by pfuentesmoadmspp

“ I don’t express myself in my paintings, I express my not-self”. Mark Rothko

One of the things I REALLY LOVE about Boston and being a student at MSPP are the wonderful conferences held throughout the area on different mental health themes. You can find a conference really on anything, and a lot of these conferences are for free. This morning I attended a very inspiring presentation on poetry and psychoanalysis at Cambridge Hospital. The quote above is just a tiny sample of the many wonderful things I got to listen at this talk, which definitely made me think a lot about the therapeutic relationship, the multiple expressions in the therapeutic encounter and my latest obsession: language.

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Posted on October 09,2010 by pfuentesmoadmspp

This entry was originally posted in Spanish with the title: "Companerismo". It has been translated to English by the same author so that more people have access to it.

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Posted on October 03,2010 by pfuentesmoadmspp

Hoy escribo en español ya que voy a hablar de una experiencia que viví ayer que se relaciona con con mi experiencia de ser una mexicana en Estados Unidos, y me gustaría poder llegar a todos aquellos interesados en la cultura Latinoamericana. Durante mi primer año del Doctorado hice mis prácticas en Arbour Hospital en el Programa Latino de Hospitalización Parcial. Fue una gran experiencia, en donde pensando en retrospectiva me doy cuenta cada día que pasa de todo lo que aprendí acerca del ser humano, de la psicología, de los Latinos en Estados Unidos... En fin, fue una experiencia maravillosa.

Cuando llegué a MSPP hace poco de un más de año y les comentaba a las personas que soy de México, todo el mundo me preguntaba si conocía a Juan Rodríguez, un estudiante que entonces cursaba el cuarto año (y quien era parte del programa Latino en MSPP), a lo que yo contestaba que no. Después llegué a mi práctica y mi supervisor me preguntó que si conocía a Juan Rodríguez, ya que él hizo sus prácticas en Arbour en el mismo programa durante su primer año (igual que yo), a lo que contesté que no. Total que me moría de ganas de conocer a Juan, ya que todo el mundo lo describía como una gran persona. En fin, recuerdo un día en el que platicando con Gretchen Nash en un pasillo de MSPP, vimos a Juan. Para mi fue como una visión hecha realidad poder al fin conocerlo (aunque suene increíblemente exagerado, es verdad). Sentía que Juan sabría por lo que yo estaba pasando como una mexicana recién llegada al país, y efectivamente, tenía razón.

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On Self-Care

Posted on September 26,2010 by pfuentesmoadmspp

It seems that as much as we talk about self-care with our clients, in our classes, and among colleagues we still have a long way to go when it comes to self-care. I recently heard in one of our classes how people in the mental health professions seem to be on the lower end statistics when it comes to self-care. Isn’t it scary?

A lot of us come into this profession because we like to help others. We like to see others get better, we like to take care of others and even so, statistics seem to reveal that we are a group of people who don’t take a lot of care of ourselves as some professionals in other fields do. Interesting, huh? When I heard about these numbers (I don’t have the formal stats, but constantly people in the field talk about this as a fact, as something that is known), I then realized why MSPP really do take care of us by constantly encouraging us into taking care of ourselves. And I really appreciate it.

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Thoughts on Fall Semester

Posted on September 20,2010 by pfuentesmoadmspp

As the atmosphere starts to chill, 2010-fall semester seems to be taking its own form. I find that each semester has a different air to it, and it definitely adds to the learning process of clinical psychology at MSPP. For instance, I feel that second year courses at MSPP add a layer of deepness in knowledge and experience, and I am very enthusiastic about the continuous process of finding my own voice as a clinical psychologist to be.

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