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Interview Days

Posted on March 31,2014 by naomimspp

Recently I bumped into a prospective student and her mother, as I was on my way out of the building. They were both milling in the lobby, looking at the list of floors, and generally had that look about them that most people have when they are looking for information but are unsure whether they are in the right place. So we chatted for a bit and I tried to answer some of their questions – it turns out the student's interview would be the next day and they were just trying to get a sense of where the building was and where to go once they got there.

I figured I’d post a few of the tidbits that came up, as I know there are a lot of nerves around interviewing at schools.

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Snow Day for All!

Posted on February 05,2014 by naomimspp


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Posted on January 21,2014 by naomimspp

Last night I unintentionally paid tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., by watching The Butler – a film released last year, directed by Lee Daniels. The charm of this movie, I found, was in its generational scope; it told the story of a Black butler on the White House staff, and marked the years through the changes of his life in connection to the changes in U.S. presidency. The film was loosely based on the story of Eugene Allen, who did live to see President Obama sworn into office. The protagonist in the film, Cecil Gaines (played by Forrest Whittaker), has a son who is friends with Dr. King and is active in the Civil Rights movement. Though (in my opinion) not as profound or moving a film as either Malcolm X or 12 Years a Slave, The Butler is well worth watching for a glimpse back in time at the struggle for equality that was so intense in the 60s.

I’m choosing to write about Martin Luther King Jr. for the emphasis days like today place on our history and the changes society and individuals have undergone over the past few decades. Regardless of the states of racism, prejudices, and equality we live with today, regardless of where in the world we come from, we all carry the weight of our histories; they make up parts of our identities and define how we connect with and relate to others. In our Clinical Seminar course, we have all had to create genograms that tell a story of family and connectedness, and to further write about what it all says about the strengths and weaknesses we carry as practitioners. I’m glad we take the time to reflect in these ways, to understand ourselves better and discover what that means about the way we interact with others.

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Clinical Seminar

Posted on December 19,2013 by naomimspp

My first semester at MSPP is over, and I am officially 1/8 of a doctor in psychology! Despite the waiting game for final grades, things have really settled down and I have managed to relax considerably. The contrast between the intensity of adjusting to the new program and the sudden drop in workload and things-that-need-to-be-done-yesterday is stark. This is the beginning of a much-needed break!

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Posted on December 06,2013 by naomimspp

It is exams period! Cue en masse distress. The halls of MSPP are choc-full of students frantically completing their last pieces of work and preparing for various exams. Thankfully, there are plenty of quiet places at MSPP that are available for quiet study, reading, and paper-writing. Maybe, like me, you’ve fallen in love with the wide chairs on each floor that are just right for fitting your body and having space left over for a pile of books or your laptop. One of the things I’m coming to realize is that the process of getting through exams here (and probably at most graduate-level programs) is made that much easier if you have a study buddy. Several, even. Make use of your classmates and flashcards, as you will both benefit from throwing questions back and forth to see what you know and what you haven’t quite got down pat.

And if you’re struggling, get in contact with your professor as soon as you can – they’re there to help in whatever way they can! So far, every professor had has been open to being flexible in some way that can help. Maybe they can’t bend over backward, but they’ll try to meet me halfway, at the very least, and that is certainly worth something.

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Getting to know Boston

Posted on October 31,2013 by naomimspp

I’ve lived in Boston for just about four and a half years. Well, let me be more accurate: I’ve lived just outside of Boston for just about four and a half years. If you’re new to the area, you’ll find that actual Bostonians find this distinction to be very important. So I’ve lived in the Cambridge area, and I’m pretty comfortable being around here. Downtown Boston is a whole other place, though, one I’m trying to get into the habit of visiting and exploring more often.

And that’s definitely something that all students attending MSPP should do. Get to know your own area, get to know Boston, and for your own sanity – get to know what festivals are happening around you! It's not all Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots and Celtics madness (although, let's face it, Boston stands transfixed beneath the glow of a sports screen)! In and around Boston are some truly fantastic little fairs and festivals, full of great food and shows, and you get to know the culture of the different suburbs and many “squares” of the Boston area.

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One more for the mix

Posted on October 26,2013 by naomimspp

Just a little intro to get started...

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