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The Paradox of Free Time

Posted on November 15,2012 by mintakaori

At this point you're probably thinking, "free time? What is that?" At least, that's what I thought when I was considering this post. For once, I have nothing on my plate, at least not school wise. It's one of those rare, rare times when I am caught up for weeks in advance, and with nothing to get done in the next few weeks, I have a little time to breath. At least, you'd think that. You'd think I'd be able to relax.

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The Must List (MSPP Style)

Posted on November 11,2012 by mintakaori

Hello faithful readers! On this lazy Sunday evening, I'm lazing on the couch, a steaming cup of tea by my side and Predators on the TV. I've been sitting here wondering, what can I share with my current and future MSPPers tonight? Then it dawned on me: As the holiday season begins to rev up, many of you may not know some of the ideal places to spend the season. So here is my Must List, or things you must do in and around Boston!

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Voting, Registering, Presenting, oh my!

Posted on November 06,2012 by mintakaori

Happy Tuesday! And what an exciting day it has been. Between registering for classes and voting (you all voted, right?), today could not get more hectic. Unless you have a presentation for Internship Seminar, like I do. Then you're day just got a little crazier than the rest.

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Happy November! (An Introduction.)

Posted on November 01,2012 by mintakaori

Hello MSPP readers and bloggers alike! My name is Ashley, and I'm happy to be joining the fabulous team of writers here on MSPP Student Voices! I'm here until I graduate next June, so let me tell you a little about myself, so we can be properly introduced!

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