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Final Blog!

Posted on May 11,2011 by kmorvillomspp

I’m sad to say that this will be my last blog here at MSPP. I’ve really enjoyed this experience; it allowed me to vent while also providing prospective students with some important information. I hate to see this experience be over, but it’s time for new bloggers to come and share their experiences!

This week is the last week of classes. The semester should have ended last week, but due to the snow day, I had some makeup days for a few of my classes. It was an easy week, though, since I’ll only had to make up two classes. Plus I didn’t have my 8:30 am class, which allowed me to sleep in!

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En Route Masters for Clinical PsyD Program

Posted on May 01,2011 by kmorvillomspp

It’s almost the end of my second year here at MSPP and I’m looking forward to the end of the semester. Not only will classes be done soon (2 weeks!!), but I’ll also be getting my Masters! This will be a nice reward for the work I’ve done so far and motivation to continue on. Though the past two years have been tough at times, this will make it seem all worthwhile.

Though I am in the Clinical PsyD program, students have the option of getting an En Route Masters degree. This degree can be obtained after the second year if the student has taken the required classes. The internship readiness committee also must grant students approval to get this degree. This approval shows that students are ready to enter the internship level of training.

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Quest Project for my Humanistic Theory Class

Posted on April 23,2011 by kmorvillomspp

I’ve been working on my finals for the past week or so now and it’s been really stressful. There’s one final, however, that I’ve been working on this entire semester and I’m just putting the finishing touches on now. This is my Quest Project for my Humanistic Theory Class. My Professor, Dr. Hilary Bender, asks his students to do one thing during the semester that they’ve always wanted to do and that will foster some sort of personal growth. People do things like take art classes, write poetry, or even go to the theater. For me, I chose to work on my music and try to put together enough songs for an album.

I was a little ambitious during the beginning of the semester and thought I could perhaps get 6-8 songs done. As the semester progressed and my time became consumed with my practicum, classes, and homework, I decided to work on just a few songs. I wrote lyrics, music, and practiced a lot. I had a bit of trouble creating a bridge for a song or two, so I asked a family friend for help. He was happy to listen to my music and give me some pointers. We eventually finished three songs and recorded them- it was a lot of fun!

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End of the Semester

Posted on April 16,2011 by kmorvillomspp

It’s hard to believe that the end of the semester is almost here. We have about four weeks of classes left and I know people are feeling the pressure. I feel swamped with the amount of papers and work I have to do and even though I’ve been planning it out, it still feels overwhelming.

Next week I have a presentation and paper due for my Research class on my possible doc project. It feels really intimidating to be thinking about my doc project as a second year student, but let’s face it- second year is almost over and its better to be preparing now, rather then later. I’ve been doing some research in order to refine my topic and start working on my presentation. Plus I have a literature review due for my Clinical Seminar and I’ve decided to use some of the research I’ve been finding to complete this.

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A & P Conference

Posted on April 08,2011 by kmorvillomspp

It's that time of the year when the Clinical PsyD students have to start thinking about planning their A & P conferences. This usually happens during the summer session, in May or June. The A & P conference is a meeting in which a faculty member, your advisor, your current field site supervisor, your field site supervisor for the following year, and a peer get together in a room and talk about you and evaluate your work. You may think that this sounds scary, but in fact it is a really wonderful experience.

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Spring break is over...

Posted on March 31,2011 by kmorvillomspp

Last week was our spring break and I'm sad to see it go. Even though it was really nice to see all of my friends and get back to class, the time off was refreshing. I was able to take a day off from my practicum, so at least I had some time off. I know some students put in some extra hours, while others took the week off to travel.

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Why I chose MSPP

Posted on March 24,2011 by kmorvillomspp

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already that time of the year when MSPP begins to send out acceptance letters to prospective students. Two years ago, around this time, I remember anxiously waiting to hear if I had been accepted or not. When I received my acceptance letter my fiancé and I literally jumped up and down. We were so excited that I had gotten into my first choice school. I had interviews scheduled at other institutions across the country, but as soon as I got that letter, I cancelled all of my other interviews.

Before applying to MSPP I had worked as a mental health worker in a psychiatric hospital and a case manager at a residential facility. Experience was important to me and I knew that I wanted a graduate program that emphasized clinical work over research. I also wanted a program that provided students with ample opportunities to work in the field. When I came across MSPP I was thrilled to find that students got hands on experience doing clinical work right away. Furthermore, I knew that there would be many different populations and settings for field sites because the school was located in Boston.

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On being a broke grad student

Posted on March 22,2011 by kmorvillomspp

Being a poor grad student is never fun, but often comes with the territory of working toward an advanced degree. A lot of prospective students wonder how they can afford a degree while taking a full course load, putting in hours at their internship/practicum, and having some sort of social life. It’s not easy, but I will tell you it’s doable.

Many students here at MSPP also have jobs in addition to their classes and field placements. I know you’re wondering how they possibly have time, but somehow they do. Many students wait tables at night after classes, babysit, or work in retail on the weekends- after all we live in Boston, so there’s plenty of opportunities for this type of work.

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"What women have influenced you?" for Women's History Month

Posted on March 16,2011 by kmorvillomspp

This month for Women’s History we were asked, “What women have influenced you?” So here it goes…

At the age of 13 I found out that my parents were getting a divorce. Soon after, my mother and I made the trek from suburban Virginia to rural upstate New York to be closer to her family. It was hard leaving my father and friends, yet I understood that my mother needed the social support that only her family could provide.

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Summer Semester

Posted on March 14,2011 by kmorvillomspp

Last Friday, registration for summer classes opened at 9:00 am. I was at my computer, ready to go and as soon as 9:00 hit, I logged into SSIG on MyCampus to register. I couldn’t believe that some of the classes were already fully and I had to be waitlisted! I guess I’m not the only one that was just waiting for it to open.

I don’t think too many prospective students are aware that we have a summer semester here at MSPP. It consists of 6-7 week classes that begin at the end of May and end usually late June or early July. Students are allowed to take two summer courses and though it’s not required, it’s highly recommended if you plan on completing the Clinical PsyD program in 4 years.

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