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Part-Time Allows for a Good Time

Posted on April 24,2014 by jeanc2013

I am a part-time student in MSPP's Organizational Psychology & Leadership graduate program. The part-time program works really well for me with my full-time career and mobile, active lifestyle. I began in the program in August 2013 and anticipate graduating with a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Psychology in August 2015.

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Can You Spare Some Change?

Posted on March 19,2014 by jeanc2013

Change. It happens to every single one of us every single day.

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Anxiety as a Positive Agent for Change

Posted on February 27,2014 by jeanc2013

Anxiety is a part of everyone's life from the moment we are born, and is generally produced from some form of change. Generally connoting negative emotion and outcome, anxiety is synonymous with stress which many of us have come to believe is not a "good" thing.

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An Afghan Adventure

Posted on February 20,2014 by jeanc2013

So, I spent the past 10 months at a Marine Corps base in Afghanistan.

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The Big Super Game

Posted on February 02,2014 by jeanc2013

Being a Colorado native, that game was an ultra-disgrace. Like, beyond mortifying.

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Technology in the Desert and in Suicide Prevention

Posted on December 26,2013 by jeanc2013

The Holiday Season can be a lonely time of year, especially for people deployed in austere environments for the sake of patriotism and selfless duty.

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There's No Place Like Home. Or is there?

Posted on December 15,2013 by jeanc2013

Having returned from my adventures in the Far East, I am reflecting upon my less-far East, in my “home for now”: Helmand Province.

It’s funny how this can feel like home after being in “foreign” territory.

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Work Self versus Non-Work Bangkok

Posted on December 08,2013 by jeanc2013

Letting my hair down at the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangnan, Thailand.

Some of us have a distinct Work Self separate from our Non-Work Self. You know, the driven, straight-laced person you are at work juxtaposed against the person who lets their hair down in appropriate settings outside of work. I personally see the benefit to nurturing both, and it strongly aligns with the notion of "work hard play hard."

Let's preface this by saying that in my day-to-day life on a military base in Afghanistan, I work very, very hard. I'd like to offer you a snapshot of how I maintain a globe-trotting life abroad whilst attaining a master's degree.

This week I'm on R&R, tending to my Non-Work Self touring Southern Thailand.

I landed in Bangkok where I stayed two nights at the Lebua State Tower, a lovely four-star hotel that you may remember from the Hollywood hit The Hangover: Part II. I met so many interesting people; ate so many weird things; saw so many beautiful places; and saw some things that I’ll never be able to un-see (i.e. “the ping pong show” that I was unwittingly hoodwinked into buying a ticket for).

I’m still processing some of it, which could explain why I wake up some nights in a cold sweat huddled in the corner.

Just kidding.

My unique experience in Bangkok left colorful imprints on my mind. It’s a mind-blowing city with an intricate culture that has something to offer everyone.

Next I flew to the beautiful, quiet island of Koh Samui, where I unwound for a couple nights at a reasonably priced luxury resort with hi-speed Wi-Fi that kept me connected to MSPP. The Tangolux Beach Resort. I’d stay there again in a heartbeat. I had a great view of the Buddah temple that lit up with the backdrop of each sunset.

After some much-needed relaxation, I hitched a ferry to Koh Phangan where I engaged in the slightly hedonistic, ultimate international beach bash that is “The Full Moon Party”. That was an experience-and-a-half. I admittedly, most likely, shed some brain cells that I could have otherwise reserved for my studies. Alas, when in Thailand…buckets up.

You may think that this sounds like a post that is not particularly complimentary to the calibur of student that MSPP accepted in my case. Well, my real point here is that it’s completely possible to successfully undertake graduate-level psychology work, travel the globe, and have a great time doing both. I engage my Work Self when it's time to get work done.

The fact that I am able to enjoy such enriching experiences abroad while simultaneously seeking higher education means that the future is now. MSPP technology is enabling us to get smarter no matter where we are…or what we drank last night.

How does your Work Self differ from your Non-Work Self? Do you know anyone who struggles differentiating the two?

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Winter Class and Textual Healing

Posted on November 24,2013 by jeanc2013

I just ordered two text books for my next MSPP class titled, “Designing Organizations, Groups, and Teams”.

Yes, class starts tomorrow. “Why did you wait so long to order your books?” you ask. Well, things happen; life happens. But Dr. Elliott, the course professor, is understanding of the fact that it can be difficult to get required texts in time, and he has made accommodations for his students to complete the readings on-line while last-minute orders are en route.

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Long-time Learner, First-Time Blogger

Posted on October 21,2013 by jeanc2013

Greetings from Dubai, U.A.E.!

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