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Online Learning

Posted on January 12,2013 by jackieqmspp

As I've mentioned before, my Higher Education: Student Personnel Administration degree program is completely online. I never have to go to campus to meet with a professor or go to class or anything, which is nice since I live in western New York.

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Posted on January 09,2013 by jackieqmspp

from here

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HESPA Field Project

Posted on January 04,2013 by jackieqmspp

As nerdy as it is to say, I'm excited for school to start up again. I have one specific reason though, and if it wasn't for this reason, I'd be all for spending a few more weeks laying around the house, watching movies and baking cookies.

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Starting with Intention

Posted on January 03,2013 by jackieqmspp

Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone had a good holiday season with their loved ones and that you can come back to school and work feeling refreshed.

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When All Else Fails...

Posted on December 19,2012 by jackieqmspp

Bake! Or rather, don't bake. These graham-cracker-chocolate-peanut-butter-balls are no bake and they're super easy for a quick little break in between writing papers and holiday parties and all that jazz.

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What If We Don't?

Posted on December 18,2012 by jackieqmspp

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The Grad Student Gift Guide

Posted on December 13,2012 by jackieqmspp

If your family is anything like mine, all you're hearing lately is questions of what you'd like for Christmas. My family is one that loves to give gifts and while I love this about us, it can get stressful trying to give individual wishlists to everyone who asks.

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How to Stay Motivated While the Rest of the World Has Holiday Fun

Posted on December 11,2012 by jackieqmspp

The thing about HESPA's online Master's program is that we go year round. Unlike literally every other college student in the United States, we don't finish up our semesters a few weeks before Christmas and then have a whole month of frolicking in the snow before we have to worry about homework and papers and professors again. Instead, we work right up until Christmas Eve, get a week off to enjoy the festivities, and then go right back to work on New Year's Eve.

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Ending up at MSPP

Posted on December 08,2012 by jackieqmspp

Last spring, in the final semester of my undergraduate degree, the last thing on my priority list was applying to grad schools.

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Introducing myself

Posted on December 04,2012 by jackieqmspp

Hello there, fellow MSPP friends. I'm Jackie, the new blogger on the block and I thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself before jumping right into real blog posts, where you'd read them and go "wait, who is this girl again?".

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