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Baby Fever

Posted on February 19,2013 by hmonkmspp

This year, I've had a serious case of Baby Fever (click that link- Time Magazine says it's a real emotion!). I have been seriously obsessed with babies and toddlers. Maybe it's because I just turned 23 and have hit my "fertile years," or maybe it's because I spend all my time procrastinating my schoolwork by watching videos of babies and kittens. OR, I can pretend to blame school, and say that my classes are talking about infants and adolescents right now. There are quite a few students in my classes that have children, and often use them as examples for discussion.

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60 Seconds of Impossibility

Posted on February 08,2013 by hmonkmspp

I am part of the Latino Mental Health Program, and my first class in the program is Introduction to Latino Culture. Our first assignment is to create a group presentation on the term "latino." The challenge: we only have 60-seconds to present. How in the world do you define an entire group of rich and unique cultures in one minute? Here's the other difficult part: my group is the only one in the class that is entirely Caucasian. I thought to myself, "this is going to be impossible."

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How did I get here?

Posted on January 30,2013 by hmonkmspp

At 22 years old, sometimes I wonder how I ended up at one of the best clinical PsyD programs in the country straight out of undergrad. Here I am, sitting next to people with years more experience in life and/or the field of psychology, learning from incredibly knowledgeable and well-known professors. How did that happen?

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Community Mental Health Histories

Posted on January 15,2013 by hmonkmspp

Every person on this planet is affected in some way by mental health issues, either directly or indirectly. If someone does not have a personal history with mental health struggles, he/she is still affected by his/her community's history with mental health.

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Here We Go

Posted on January 09,2013 by hmonkmspp

Every time I say that phrase, a very popular 'N SYNC song comes to mind...

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Holiday Fun: Procrastination? Or Self-Care?

Posted on December 17,2012 by hmonkmspp

I know you haven't heard much from me the past couple weeks, but you shouldn't take it personally. It is finals time, so there is school stress. It is application time to new sites, so there is practicum stress. It is holidays and everyone wants to take vacations so there is work stress. And of course, because nothing is ever easy, someone in my house has decided to move out at the last minute, so there is life stress. Are we sensing a common theme here?

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Hora de Fiesta

Posted on December 05,2012 by hmonkmspp

Last night, some of has had the chance to have a little fun as finals loom over us. It was the Holiday Party for the Latino Mental Health Program. If you don't know what that is, you can learn more about it here. The holiday party was held in our fancy new atrium, with tons of delicious food, salsa and merengue music, dancing, adult beverages, and lots of socializing that some of us busy students aren't really getting at the moment.

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Hannah's Finals Survival Guide

Posted on November 28,2012 by hmonkmspp

My grandma always told me, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." It is for this exact reason that I have not blogged in a while. The prospect of leaving my warm and cozy house in upstate NY with my cat and family to come back to Boston with finals just around the corner hasn't had me in the best of moods this past week.

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What's My Age Again?

Posted on November 20,2012 by hmonkmspp

At 22, I am one of the youngest students in my 1st year clinical PsyD cohort. Unfortunately, grad school makes you grow up pretty quickly, and I've been acting more like 32.

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Moving West and The Meaning of "Everything"

Posted on November 14,2012 by hmonkmspp

As I mentioned before, I am from a rural area in Upstate NY. I grew up with trees and grass and cows and farms. When I was in high school, I hated living in the middle of nowhere, and complained that there was never anything to do. We were so far from everything.

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