It's the Little Things...

Posted on April 30,2013 by abrigovmspp

... Like peeling grapefruits. Tonight I stood calmly in my kitchen for the first time in a while appreciating that I could do a reasonably simple task without feeling rushed. Of course peeling grapefruits takes a bit of skill, but that comes with practice. It more importantly takes time and willpower to not eat all of the sections before your done peeling the whole thing!
Yesterday afternoon was the deadline to submit my capstone project. I still have an assignment to complete for my internship seminar as well as all of my course evaluations. Regardless, the end is near. This is assuming everything turns out to meet satisfactory standards on the capstone paper, of course.
Even though graduation is set for June 2nd, I have elected to stay at LHI-Brockton right until the Friday before. While it's not quite over yet, I know this journey will soon end with a diploma in hand (I hope!) In these final weeks of wrapping up my caseload, I hope to give my clients everything they need. I know they have certainly taught me more than I ever could have hoped for and I am thankful to have been invited into their lives.

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Posted on April 30,2013 by fjeanfelixmspp

We have finally come to the close of the first year of the Primary Care Program here at MSPP! It has been such a phenomenal year. With all the hard work we have done together as a cohort, I just want to give my peers, colleagues, and professors a round of applause. We have made so many wonderful connections in this first year that are sure to be long-lasting. In fact, with our break finally upon us, we find ourselves asking one another what we’re going to do without each other in the break we have prior to the official start of our second year – in Summer Session!

Several of us will be traveling with our friends and family, some of us will be getting in some much needed beach time, and some of us will be catching up with the lives we placed on pause in an effort to excel in such an accelerated program. Regardless of how we choose to spend out time away from school, one thing is for certain: we will all keep in touch and have a great time.

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Let's talk about SELF, baby; let's talk about you and me; let's talk about all the good things and the bad things...

Posted on April 27,2013 by sdmosaligantimspp

This semester, I took my first-ever course on psychodynamic theory (Professor Weiner - what what), and it was the jam. I think I have always naturally gravitated toward a more psychodynamic outlook; this class, however, maximized my understanding of such theory, particularly adding more structure and dimension to my understanding of the relationship between early-attachment experiences and self.

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Going Clinical for Spring Break

Posted on April 26,2013 by hmonkmspp

Felix Trede is a 1st year student in the Clinical PsyD program at MSPP. I have had the pleasure of having clinical seminar with Felix all year. Our seminar class has become sort of a mini-family, and we often share both academic and personal triumphs with one another. When we came back from break, Felix told our class about a really incredible experience he had doing mental health work in Mexico, and I asked him if he would share his experience with our blog readers. He graciously answered my interview questions, despite us being in the middle of finals.

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Posted on April 25,2013 by jackieqmspp

There are some days that just lift you up and away with good feelings, and Wednesday was one of those days.

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Cupcakes for Recovery

Posted on April 25,2013 by hmonkmspp

Last week's events have left us a lot of us shaken, confused, and afraid. However, they have also sparked an incredible sense of hope and a drive to move forward and help one another.

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Moving On From The Marathon: Processing Trauma

Posted on April 25,2013 by hmonkmspp

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Graduation Goggles?

Posted on April 24,2013 by sthurstonmspp

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of appointments, interviews, and dramatic events that have melted away the month of April at an alarming rate. I vividly remember looking forward to April vacation, and am startled to find it has already come and gone. Finals are upon me, the end of year wrap up classes mingled with final assessments that have, this year, taken on the form of tests. Study sessions take up my usually free nights, and I am watching it all happen through “graduation goggles”.
This in itself is ironic: we are not actually graduating this year. We had a ceremony in October to commemorate our conferral of Master’s degrees, and next year will graduate the CAGS program. But this year, the one without any major academic milestone, feels like the true ending to what we think of as our graduate program at MSPP. Our full class schedule is over, this week being the final time we will all spend 12+ hours together drinking coffee and collaborating within the MSPP building. Next year we will be busy with our own lives, in our own full time placements, and see each other about once per month for a practicum seminar.
The eerie thought is that this means we are “done” learning- no more classes on various modalities of assessment, on the development of pathologies, on prevention. No professors handing out packets of information, of materials, of experiences. We will truly begin to learn by doing, to immerse ourselves in a 40 hour work week and practice being a school psychologist.
Then reality steps in, and reminds me that nobody- least of all mental health professionals- are ever done learning. But the classroom will have to change. There may never again be a lecture with a powerpoint and exam, but will rather take the form of self-directed study. Articles read, shared, and discussed with colleagues. Continuing Education seminars to attend and learn from. Peer supervision to expand our zones of proximal development.
It will be sad to move away from the traditional education model, to move away from my cohort and venture out on my own, individualized path of professional development. I happen to be pursuing the PsyD, and so may have a bit more time to enjoy the leadership of my professors. But I anticipate some change nevertheless.

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A Favorite Metaphor

Posted on April 23,2013 by shansenmspp

There is an oft-heard metaphor in mental health work that I particularly like: providers should remember that they have to put on their own mask before assisting others. That is to say that professionals who work in mental health must make sure to care for themselves emotionally in order to be whole and well enough to support clients.

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Posted on April 23,2013 by jackieqmspp

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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Processing Away as the End Comes Near

Posted on April 23,2013 by abrigovmspp

Yesterday I gave my Capstone presentation to my (thankfully) very small class and with just a few hiccups and 45 minutes of remembering to take in oxygen, it's over!! While there still remain 2 very important assignments before I can officially jump for joy, the largest obstacle to my diploma has been conquered. If my classmates didn't know anything about resilience in American Latino youth before, they sure do now!

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Posted on April 21,2013 by sdmosaligantimspp

Neil Diamond at Fenway. xoxo.

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The Start of My Career

Posted on April 19,2013 by jackieqmspp

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In Boston, It Ain't Easy Gettin' Somewhere, but We Always Get There in the End

Posted on April 18,2013 by sdmosaligantimspp

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Mourning for my City

Posted on April 18,2013 by shansenmspp

Almost exactly ten years ago I embarked on an ambitious academic project to interview feminist female poets from Guatemala. Given the country's fractured and violent past, and its extremes of wealth and opportunity, I expected that many of the women originally became authors in an attempt to shift gendered attitudes and push for social change.

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Another Field Project Update & A Plea for Help

Posted on April 17,2013 by jackieqmspp

With the countdown to moving coming up quick (5 weeks!), I'm starting to get down to business on my Field Project. You can read about it here and here, but a quick summary is that I'm working on bettering the Residence Life department at an area community college.

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"Brain Building" at the Freedman Center: Interview with Ember Cook, 3rd yr Clinicial PsyD Student

Posted on April 14,2013 by hmonkmspp

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ember Cook, a 3rd year Clinical PsyD student, about some of the exciting things currently happening at the Freedman Center. Any current or future students interested in working with new parents and/or young children will really enjoy reading this!

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Can't Wait to Get Going, but Not Quite Ready to Leave

Posted on April 11,2013 by jackieqmspp

I'm going to have some real talk with you guys tonight.

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Special Muffins for Special People

Posted on April 10,2013 by hmonkmspp

I wrote the following post on my baking blog, Chocolate Covered Therapy, and since it talks about MSPP, I thought I would share it with all of you:

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Posted on April 10,2013 by abrigovmspp

Is that a real thing? I'm not sure! But it sure feels like a real thing when I've been awake so late that now the birds are keeping my eyes open...

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A Multicultural Affair

Posted on April 09,2013 by fjeanfelixmspp

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Integrity Online

Posted on April 09,2013 by jackieqmspp

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Time for Fundraising....or is it FUN-raising?!

Posted on April 08,2013 by shansenmspp

Hi Folks!

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Baby Got BARCC!... 2013 BARCC Walk for Change!

Posted on April 08,2013 by sdmosaligantimspp

With my best peeps at the BARCC walk. :)

Boston is a big-time "walk" city. You'll be moseying down the street - minding your bidness - and all of a sudden, you'll find yourself walking in a "walk" - I've accidentally supported all sorts of causes.

And yesterday Boston hosted two major walks: the MS walk, which one of my roommates attended, and the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Walk for Change. Although I was bummed that I wouldn't be able to support my roomie in the MS walk, I attended, as a BARCC volunteer, the Walk for Change and had an amazing time!

This year's walk was particularly exciting for me as I was accompanied by my partner and some of my closest friends. Also, many people from my MSPP practicum site attended as "Team Wheelock," including the director of the counseling center and my fellow intern Emily. And of course, I ran into many of my fellow BARCC workers.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, although it was a little cold. (Honestly, given my adrenaline rush and hyper-stimulation, I didn't even realize how cold it was until I reached to grab something out of my pocket and realized that I had lost all fine motor skills) The walk started in Cambridge and wrapped around the Charles River, where the MIT crew team was practicing and behind which Back Bay stretched. It felt amazing to wind our fervor and support for this cause throughout this beautiful city.

Whether it's to support a cure for MS, the end to sexual violence, a cure for breast cancer, or Boston (ahem, Freedom Trail is the walk to end all walks), participating in a walk is a great way to explore and appreciate the city and support a fabulous cause. See ya out there. :)

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Boston: Not So Bad Afterall

Posted on April 03,2013 by hmonkmspp

I've given Boston a pretty hard time since I moved here in June. I am a small town girl, and frankly, cities and I just don't get along. And Boston definitely isn't Middletown, CT, where I had made my home the last four years. I found every reason I possibly could to complain about Boston (granted it wasn't that hard): the commuting times, the drivers, the layout, the parking, the general look, the weather, the rent prices, and the people.

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I Am the Luckiest

Posted on April 03,2013 by jackieqmspp

This is not why I married my husband, but I'll be damned if he doesn't make me feel like a rock star. Champagne, a sweet note, and a fund for new summer clothes for my new job.

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Posted on April 02,2013 by cpembertonmspp

The following is a section taken from a recent paper I wrote. Considering the nature of the topic, I felt that it would make an interesting blog post as well. Enjoy.

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Posted on April 01,2013 by jackieqmspp

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I haven't been here for the Longest Time...

Posted on April 01,2013 by sthurstonmspp

I’ve been feeling a little brittle lately. Overall, things are good. But it feels as though the bad news has been stacking up- things that, on their own, can be taken in stride but when piled together seem to generate a mire of thick, taffy like substance that is constantly threatening to trip me up.

My classes are coming to an end (already!) and with that comes the inevitability of final exams and projects. This year, it is coupled with the sad knowledge that my time of living and breathing together with my cohort is coming to a close: we will only meet for class about once a month next year, a far cry from the 12+ hours a week we’ve had this year. For myself, I am also keenly aware that this summer will herald the beginning of my doctoral pursuits as I take 3 classes, venturing in to the intimidating unknown.

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A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer

Posted on April 01,2013 by sdmosaligantimspp

Erika, Emily, Dana, and me at the "after party" for MMRP. :)

On Thursday, MSPP held its performance of Eve Ensler's A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer, an event that I co-directed with my friend Erika. In some ways, I am glad that the event is over as it was a lot to take on (and as I no longer have to daily spell out the super long, comma-filled title of "A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer"). But I will miss being a part of this small group and endeavor that inspired me so much.

Given that I was co-running MMRP (yay acronyms), I sometimes was more consumed with managing the details and technicalities of the event (i.e. running auditions and rehearsals; figuring out AV and food stuff; contacting potential donors and collecting donations for the silent auction; etc) than thinking about and celebrating the event's empowerment-themed message. But Thursday finally came, and after a day of running around ragged - setting up the donated gifts for the auction, arranging chairs, printing out signs - the performance finally began. With no more responsibilities left, I felt like I could finally hear and listen to the words of the monologues: with every punch...; another self that floated above me...; to the graveyard by the river, I chose freedom...; over it...; it could have been anywhere...; one in three women...; etc. etc. etc. The words hit me hard, and I often found myself tearing up; looking into the audience, I saw that others were getting a lil' verklempt as well. As somber as some of the pieces were, they were poignant, and I felt empowered by the fact that the woman's voice was not just speaking - it was being heard. Nine of us spoke, and the audience, which was comprised of about 50 people, listened. I hope that that those audience members will now use their own voice to pass on the message of MMRP to others, so that the One Billion Rising movement can continue to spread.

I am so glad that MSPP had this opportunity to experience A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer and I especially appreciate the opportunity to have been a part of this event and overall movement. For all those who are interested, I recommend that you check out V-Day events in your area and become a part of this movement as well. :) xoxo.

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