Thinking of applying to MSPP for a degree in School Psychology?

Posted on January 31,2013 by shansenmspp

Things to Know….

  1. There is no football team.
  2. There is a kickball team.
  3. There are clubs for practicing meditation, debating feminism, supporting LGBTQ students, meeting “non-traditional” students, doing yoga, watching films, and working in student government.
  4. The café at the new building closes by 3 p.m. Bring dinner with you. There are plenty of microwaves.
  5. Your days will start early and end late.
  6. You have to complete the master’s program before applying for the doctorate program – unless you are already a practicing school psychologist.
  7. All of your classes will be with your cohort. After spending 12-15 hours a week with them, you may know more than you want to about your classmates. There are no elective classes built into the program.
  8. You won’t meet many guys. Or, if you are a guy, you may be the only one.
  9. By the end of the second year the program faculty will all know your name.
  10. One of MSPP’s “growing edges” is experience in urban schools.
  11. The building closes at 9:00. If you are still there, take the stairs.
  12. Get ready to be challenged academically and personally – and to be supported in all areas.
  13. It’s (almost) never too late to send in an application!
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Posted on January 31,2013 by jackieqmspp

When I tell people that I attend graduate school online, there are always mixed reviews. Some respond with "Oh, I could never do that", while others think it's the best idea they've heard in a long time. Before I really considered MSPP, I was in the former category, but now that I'm here, with a few months under my belt, I'm thankful I can say I'm in the latter.

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Come for the Professors, stay for the coffee.

Posted on January 30,2013 by sthurstonmspp

Over the summer I moved. I had been living with my husband (then fiance) in a rented house, one with a large kitchen and small yard, but the kind of place where bright paint seeks to hide old cracks, the heating bill for the old oil furnace is outrageous, and the faucet continually leaks despite all variety of handy work. My new home, our new home, may not be bright and shiny new but the yard is huge, there are multiple bathrooms, a gas heating system, and no cracks in the walls.
Over the summer MSPP also moved. The new building is immaculate: it is bright and shiny, infused with modern technology and trendy furniture. There are four microwaves on every floor, touch pads at every classroom door which allow you to look at the schedule of each space and book rooms as needed. The lights in the lounge on the third floor are whimsically reminiscent of fireworks, or the seeded head of a dandelion poised for a young child’s wishing breath.
Recently, my cohort and I had reason to reminisce and fully understand the change the new space has had on the perception of MSPP. In the spring of 2011 we all arrived to Interview Day, excited at the prospect of finding our place in the world of graduate study. For myself, I was determined to make the transition from working back to schooling as painlessly as possible: I wanted a program that focused on the practical, that allowed me to be in a school system starting my first year, and whose faculty were actually doing the work rather than just talking about it.
All of my classmates and I shared similar versions of the same story: dressed to impress, rehearsing potential interview answers, we faithfully followed the GPS which lead us down the VFW, enticed us behind the Home Depot, and down a road that hadn’t seen a new paving job in at least 20 years. And directed us to stop in front of a used car dealership. WIth a drop of the stomach that accompanied the thought “Of course this program was too good to be true” we ventured further down the road, arriving at a lot of cars pooled by a bend of the Charles River. A low slung building, blending into the dreary landscape of early spring, had one bright spot of color: a blue awning that boldly proclaimed “MSPP”. There were thoughts of turning back, wariness inspired by a less then awesome facade. Entering the building was a great leap of faith. We fumbled through the entryway, gathered name tags and a green folder, and tried to stifle the new set of worries as we spread cream cheese on a bagel.
Within 5 minutes I forgot the tumultuous journey, the road that spoke of strangers and dark alleys, and the unassuming building. Other green folders came and joined me at a small round table. Current students sat with us, the president sat with us. Conversation came easily, the way it does when you have found the people with which you share not only hobbies and interests, but values and goals. By 10 minutes into the welcoming breakfast, and certainly by the time Bob had finished his spiel on “Why School Psychology, Why MSPP” I was newly convinced that I had found the program best suited to me, one dedicated to creating a well rounded, well connected and high quality school psychologist. Here were the people who were not only working in the field but who were changing the field, the movers and shakers of the world.
So, to all you interested parties: MSPP is a wonderful place to come and learn. But as you walk through the glassy hallways and marvel at the art brightening each step don’t forget the real reason you have come knocking at the door. You are looking for a great program. You are looking to roll up your sleeves and get involved. You are looking to open your textbook and find footnotes about your professors and the contributions they are making to the field. The microwaves and free coffee machines are just the icing!

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How did I get here?

Posted on January 30,2013 by hmonkmspp

At 22 years old, sometimes I wonder how I ended up at one of the best clinical PsyD programs in the country straight out of undergrad. Here I am, sitting next to people with years more experience in life and/or the field of psychology, learning from incredibly knowledgeable and well-known professors. How did that happen?

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The Truth About Capstone

Posted on January 28,2013 by abrigovmspp

It's not so bad! Today I submitted 10 annotations for my annotated bibliography. I could possibly be called "Queen of Procrastination" but even for someone like me, this whole Capstone business is manageable. It is stressful, yes, but the syllabus has everything broken down nicely. And when you have a professor like mine, you can email her in a slightly panicked state when the articles don't make sense and she will respond at 10:30 at night to make sure you know everything will work out just fine. You will get on with your day, you will get the assignment done, and you WILL graduate. End of story.

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Back in Action

Posted on January 28,2013 by jackieqmspp

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Lets Talk About Self Care

Posted on January 25,2013 by mintakaori

Self-care is hard to come by in my life, as I imagine it is for most of the people reading this. When I’m not in class or at internship, I’m at my job at Pembroke Hospital. 90% of my week is spent doing some form of work, either at the hospital, in class, at home for class, or at internship. In fact, this was the first week where I actually requested work time off so I could get homework done. Three classes might not seem like a lot, but between capstone, my elective (this class), and internship seminar, I’m feeling pretty worn out. Right now I'm really looking forward to having more time to read a book, watch a movie, or play with my dog.

We know that self-care is an important part of our daily routine. So I want to share with you some of the things I’ve done this week for self-care, and things I plan to do to keep myself sane during this stressful time in my life. (Only three months left! Counting down!)
Last week was actually a pretty busy week for me. I had spent the weekend with my boyfriend, watching the Patriots and going to the Bruins home opener. (One of these things was good.) Even though my week started with the awesomeness of being with the man I love and doing fun, exciting things, I stupidly did not do much homework. That made this week especially stressful. But I did make time to go to the gym at least once.

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I <3 Experiential Education

Posted on January 25,2013 by msppjen

As many of you may know already, experiential education is one of MSPP's core values. This played a large factor in my decision to attend MSPP. In undergrad, I participated in a co-op program and now I am an assistant director at the organization where I held my very first co-op job 6 and a half years ago! To say that I see the value in experiential education is an understatement. In a very, very nerdy way, I want to sing my love for experiential learning from the rooftops!

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Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Posted on January 24,2013 by jackieqmspp

I don't have anything ground breaking for you today because it's a snow day in this house. I already had the day off and am planning to be productive, but my husband called in to his internship so he wouldn't have to drive in the crazy snow we got overnight.

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About Those Boundaries

Posted on January 23,2013 by abrigovmspp

"It was beautiful, Val!!!!" said my client as she threw her arms around me for the hugest hug I have ever received from a non-family member or close friend. My client was recounting her 1 Year of Sobriety presentation at an NA meeting. So many wonderful things happened that night and she was absolutely beaming. How could I seriously not hug this lady?

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Changing the Way Work Is Done Round Here

Posted on January 22,2013 by jackieqmspp

Today, I get a desk. I realize this is a very nerdy thing to admit, but this desk is going to change my life.

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Where My Ladies at

Posted on January 22,2013 by sdmosaligantimspp


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I've got the mid-January blues....

Posted on January 21,2013 by shansenmspp

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Winter begins to feel not only dreary but interminable, football fans’ hearts beat faster, and the last of the holiday cookies are long gone. While the smell of Superbowl Subs may be in the air for some, school psychology students spend the last few weeks of January preparing resumes, researching possible internship sites, and tracking down letters of recommendation. February 1st is the BIG DAY in the land of school psychology training; technically students cannot indicate interest or intent to apply to a training site before this date.

While this cut-off levels the playing field for graduate students around the state, it also means that by the first we must be prepared to send out our application materials as swiftly as possible. My constant struggle is trimming my resume down to the expected number of pages – I am told that in the education field this number is two. I have worked in many different fields and had a variety of jobs prior to my life at MSPP; determining what makes the cut can be a drawn out process. I suppose the imprending frigid weather will be a blessing in disguise – I can huddle up on my couch with my pup, a blanket, and my computer to start deleting. Hope you will be warm and cozy, too. Happy editing, Super-bowl watching, shoveling, or whatever it is that you do to fill the last few weeks of January!

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Posted on January 18,2013 by msppjen

I, and the rest of my cohort in the 2013 MAOP program, am almost done!!

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Career Building in Student Affairs

Posted on January 17,2013 by jackieqmspp

Every job field is hard to break into. Companies, organizations, and institutions want to hire applicants with experience, but it's difficult to get experience if no one will hire you.

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A Little DBT

Posted on January 15,2013 by sdmosaligantimspp

As a second-year psychology student, you hear a lot about DBT ("Oh, DBT is so great"), but never really get an opportunity to thoroughly learn about it. Luckily, my practicum site, Wheelock College, hosted a DBT training for staff and interns. Originally developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Marsha Linehan to be administered to treat those with "borderline" personalities, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, given its simplicity and elegance, could be applicable to almost anyone looking to quell their distress or anxiety.

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Community Mental Health Histories

Posted on January 15,2013 by hmonkmspp

Every person on this planet is affected in some way by mental health issues, either directly or indirectly. If someone does not have a personal history with mental health struggles, he/she is still affected by his/her community's history with mental health.

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jerri Lynn Hogg

Posted on January 14,2013 by msppjen

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Full of hope

Posted on January 14,2013 by jackieqmspp

Guys won't understand this, but a new tube of mascara holds so much hope. As you open the package and see that fresh wand, you think "Is this the mascara I've been waiting for? Is this the one that will curl my eyelashes, lengthen them, AND give them volume, all without clumping??"

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Posted on January 13,2013 by abrigovmspp

Tonight I was going to blog about the instant connection I had with a client on the kids' crisis unit last night at work. I was afforded a unique opportunity to connect with her through the sole fact that I can fairly easily communicate with her in her first language, Spanish. Rather than reflect on the extensive trauma history I found myself bombarded with, I'm going to tuck the evening into its own little compartment of my brain and just let it be. For my own self-care and mental health, I will not perseverate further. Instead, I will tell you what is on tap for tomorrow: As I have spent the entire day working on a pile of articles for my Capstone paper, my head hurts. As I continue on in full-steam-ahead mode, I know that tingling sensation isn't going to go away any time soon. Tonight there will be no less than 8 sweet hours of restful sleep, the day will begin calmly, I will go to my two classes, and then I have a date with myself. I am taking myself out for a yoga class! After all, it would be tremendously unhealthy and counter-productive to stay in "work, work, work!" mode for too long anyway. So here's wishing that each of you who glimpses at this post remembers to take the time to do something for you and you alone this week. Happy self-care!

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Online Learning

Posted on January 12,2013 by jackieqmspp

As I've mentioned before, my Higher Education: Student Personnel Administration degree program is completely online. I never have to go to campus to meet with a professor or go to class or anything, which is nice since I live in western New York.

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Finding the Re-Frame

Posted on January 11,2013 by abrigovmspp

It has been a tremendous first week. I know exhaustion has started to hit when "dumb" things start happening. For example, I stopped at the gas station right after the grocery store a yesterday evening... And then drove home 40 miles with the gas tank open, only to notice the little message flashing on the dash this morning on my way back to internship. But this morning's supervision ignited my clinician brain and really helped me focus.

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Saying Goodbye

Posted on January 11,2013 by mintakaori

One of the things I think MSPP doesn't do enough is tell their students how hard goodbyes are. There is no feeling quite like saying goodbye to a client, after forming a firm, positive relationship with them. This is especially true when the goodbye is unexpected. We all know that our Practicum and Internship has an end point. The relationships we form with our clients are very temporary, even moreso sometimes than the ones we'll make when we go to work after our degrees.

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Posted on January 09,2013 by jackieqmspp

from here

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Here We Go

Posted on January 09,2013 by hmonkmspp

Every time I say that phrase, a very popular 'N SYNC song comes to mind...

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Too bad I don't drink coffee....

Posted on January 08,2013 by shansenmspp

Last year it was Manic Mondays. This semester its Trying Tuesdays. Or Tired Tuesdays. Or Tuckered Tuesdays.

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The Documentation Blues and a little goal-setting to start the semester off right

Posted on January 08,2013 by abrigovmspp

It's no surprise that human beings don't love paper work. It can be monotonous and an altogether sleepy task. I did a wise thing before break: I made sure not to schedule a single client on my first day back to internship. Why? Because it's documentation month, of course! At the community mental health agency where I work, we all try to follow a similar schedule in getting treatment plans updated. Since I knew that was going to be upcoming, there would surely be other things to get squared away before hunkering down to figure out the plan of action for each client for the next 3 months. As I grumbled about my rather large to-do list that was clearly winning the staring contest, another clinician popped in for a visit. She had some information regarding a client that was a pretty big deal. Just then she said, "We are going to have to be very careful in our documentation. I feel like the judge might subpoena our notes." Yikes! Talk about motivation to cross the t's and dot the i's!

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Posted on January 08,2013 by msppjen

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about assumptions. As psychologists, we always have to be aware of our assumptions. No matter what kind of psychology you practice, you have to be aware of your assumptions about your clients, the world, and yourself. I think that most people tend to have a pretty good grasp of at least trying to acknowledge assumptions about the world around us and the people in it, but I think we often forget that we have assumptions about ourselves as well.

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Who Put the Bom in the BOMBAY Bom Ba Bom, Who Put the Bang in the BANGALORE-a Ding Dong

Posted on January 07,2013 by sdmosaligantimspp

For the holiday break, I have been traveling in India with Kishore to visit his family, specifically having gone to Bombay/Mumbai, Bangalore/Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. The trip has been tremendous: the food, people, sites, overall culture. As I'm recovering from a slight bug (I ate the chutney at a road-side food stand when everyone told me, "Don't eat the chutney"), I'm just gonna post a few pics detailing our amazing trip. Here we go...

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The Next Step

Posted on January 05,2013 by mintakaori

A new year, a new set of goals. Two years ago I graduated from Endicott with my Bachelors degree, and this June I graduate MSPP with my Master's. It's experiences like this that are particularly exciting, mostly because a whole new chapter of my life opens up once I get my degree. Now is the familiar sense of anticipation, planning a life after school ends.

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HESPA Field Project

Posted on January 04,2013 by jackieqmspp

As nerdy as it is to say, I'm excited for school to start up again. I have one specific reason though, and if it wasn't for this reason, I'd be all for spending a few more weeks laying around the house, watching movies and baking cookies.

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Starting with Intention

Posted on January 03,2013 by jackieqmspp

Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone had a good holiday season with their loved ones and that you can come back to school and work feeling refreshed.

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