October Activities in the Boston Area

Posted on October 28,2011 by spitchermspp

This month has been so busy! Between midterms, papers, classes, practicum, and maintaining some sort of social life, my life has been anything but a breeze. For self-care though, I participated in two amazing October events: King Richard's Faire in the beginning of the month and historic Salem, MA last weekend!

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Directed Studies

Posted on October 27,2011 by mmosesmspp

It's coming up on registration time. While there are many great courses offered at MSPP, it can be difficult to fit them in to our busy schedules, working around internship requirements. One option to get around these constraints is to create a directed study.

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The Murtaugh List

Posted on October 26,2011 by sthurstonmspp

Do you know what a Murtaugh List is? No? The concept, of course, comes from a How I Met Your Mother episode. Educate yourself here.

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Trying MSPP on for Size

Posted on October 26,2011 by shansenmspp

A few days ago I received a Skype phone call from a close friend who recently moved to Europe to begin graduate school. She is enrolled in an Economics program run through a prestigious U.S. university. Her 100+ first-year classmates hail from over 80 different countries, most have traveled extensively or lived abroad for years, and all are bilingual, if not trilingual or multilingual. While my friend is enjoying her time abroad, her experience with the program has been less positive. She is put off by the competitiveness of her classmates, the intense environment fostered by the school, and the pressure to find an internship, a job, and achieve perfect grades by the end of the first year. I gathered from our conversation that she felt lost, and discouraged at how challenging it has been to fit into her graduate school community.

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Blended Courses Demystified

Posted on October 25,2011 by jgarciamspp

I made it through my finals!

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Moving from Idaho to Boston

Posted on October 23,2011 by spitchermspp

Moving is never easy. Even for someone like me who has moved around quite a bit growing up; moving is always just a mess of emotions. While I was excited about the prospect of moving to somewhere new, getting out of my small town of Nampa, Idaho, and starting a new chapter in the journey of my husband and mine's marriage, I was heartbroken to leave behind my family, friends, and all things familiar or convenient. There was so much transition going on that for a while, I wondered if I was going to make it. I love school, so the thought of going back to school and "nerding" out over psychology and other aspects of academia was very enticing. However, the last two weeks before this move were a crazy, high intensity time in my life.

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Driving in Boston

Posted on October 22,2011 by kgottschmspp

I grew up in Topeka, Kansas, which, both figuratively and literally, is many miles from Boston. I thought that moving from a place like Kansas to a big city would be overwhelming, but I am here to tell any prospective students worried about the transition that Boston could not be a more welcome change of pace. After a three day drive with all my belongings and a cat in my tiny car, I entered Boston around rush hour and thought I was probably in well over my head. Things move quickly here, but even I (coming from the land of meandering) assimilate to the pace quicker than one might think. I've noticed that even my GPS is challenged from time to time-often acting as shocked as I am at the inconceivable time it can take to get to Target on a Tuesday night. However, it is truly just a way of life that, I believe, people here have come to live with. Certainly, it was shocking at first, but I have come to enjoy my extended travel times and find that I am operating much more efficiently than I was in Kansas, where there was no need to plan your day around transportation.

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What kind of coffee does Dracula drink?

Posted on October 22,2011 by sthurstonmspp

Decoffinated! Ha!!

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I have a date with Freud tonight

Posted on October 21,2011 by shansenmspp

I had been dreading the Lifespan development exam for weeks – not because I don’t enjoy the class (quite the opposite actually) but because I knew that the sheer volume of material to study would be overwhelming. The professor provided us with chapter-by-chapter study guides to help us slog through the informative but dense textbook, as well as a mid-term exam study guide. I spent hours each day of the past week poring over these study guides, tracking down answers, emailing questions to the professor, and commiserating about my anxiety with fellow first-years. I do feel more confident now in explaining Erikson's stages of development vs. Object Relations theory, and postulating about ways to foster resiliency in children, but I also realize that this course just scratches the surface of myriad psychology/biology topics and I'm consistently impressed how relevant it feels to our field work.

While we haven’t gotten our exam grades yet, now that it’s over, we have all breathed a sigh of relief. I decided to take a day off from school and spent time cooking and bike riding, activities that I enjoy but usually struggle to squeeze in between classes, papers, work, and practicum hours. As the smell of pumpkin bread wafts through my apartment, I recognize that soon I need to get back to the books..... Freud awaits!

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Beloved Boston

Posted on October 21,2011 by mmosesmspp

I moved to Boston five years ago and quickly fell in love with the city. Here is a rundown of some of my favorite things to do and places to visit:

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Weekend classes!

Posted on October 17,2011 by mmosesmspp

Whew - I just finished the Psychopharmacology class. It was an intensive learning experience; the class met one Saturday and then two full weekends...from ~8:30-4. The instructor was engaging, sharing clinical experiences and funny anecdotes to keep the class entertained. While the time commitment was significant, especially for those of us who try to write papers on the weekend, it is extremely nice to be done with a course mid-October. Now I have one less class to focus on as the semester gets busier and final papers will be due before I know it.

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/f/ /u/ /n/ with phonemes!

Posted on October 14,2011 by shansenmspp

Extra Credit Question: How many phonemes are in the word “box”? (If you’re not sure, read the mini-dictionary that follows and see if you can figure it out. Answer below.)

Today I attended an all-day professional development workshop for the special education team members at my practicum site. The title of the presentation (which included more than 240 powerpoint slides!) read “Evidence-Based Instruction for Students Struggling with Reading, Writing, and/or Mathematics.” I was pleased to find that I already was familiar with quite a bit of the information in the section of the presentation on reading interventions; we have spent the last several weeks in our Assessment & Intervention class discussing how to assess reading skills and ways to help children improve their vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

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How to Balance a Weekend

Posted on October 14,2011 by spitchermspp

It can be very difficult to manage one's time effectively. Meeting the demands of school, homework, practicum, friends, family, self-care, or any other community or social involvement can be such a daunting task. This weekend, I feel like I have managed my time very well. It's all about breaking tasks into small steps and setting a schedule that is attainable and has room for flexibility.

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National Coming Out Day

Posted on October 11,2011 by jgarciamspp

Although I had wondered what I might post in my blog about National Coming Out Day (in support of the LGBT community) I was relieved to find that the work had already been done for me. Dr. Jessica Stahl, a faculty member at MSPP and a co-chair of the school's GSA, was published in today's edition of the WestRoxburyPatch. Her article offers resources on coming out, what to say if someone comes out to you and more.

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A Novel Idea

Posted on October 11,2011 by mmosesmspp

I was one of the lucky people who just ended a long weekend. The weather was gorgeous, I was able to make fun plans, and (gasp!) I even read a novel! I've made it a priority this year to allow myself to take a break from reading psychology-related texts. More importantly, I'm really trying not to feel guilty about the decision - to feel like I should be doing something school-related because there is always something to do that is school-related. While the articles that are assigned for classes are useful and interesting, I find that I can't focus on them after a long day of internship, class, or both. Most nights, I get home later than 7:30. I catch up with my husband, eat dinner, and then head to bed with a book or The New Yorker. I'm always looking for recommendations - feel free to pass them along!

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Posted on October 11,2011 by sthurstonmspp

My best friend is getting married this weekend.

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Dr. Cynthia Lucero

Posted on October 11,2011 by jgarciamspp

Dr. Cynthia Lucero is a name I have heard over and over again since my arrival at MSPP. In fact, her legacy was one of the things that tipped the scale for me when making my final decision about which graduate school to attend. The promise of becoming certified to work with the Latino population by way of an immersion program (in Ecuador and Costa Rica) was like a dream come true. I would be able to give back to my community AND learn to embrace my Hispanic heritage at the same time.

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Indian Summers

Posted on October 09,2011 by spitchermspp

Today was a gorgeous, warm day! Especially in comparison to how rainy it has been the past few days. There seems to be a peaceful feel to today. As this semester continues, papers and other assignments are starting to pile up. It can get really easy to trap one's self inside to focus on reading, papers, and studying for midterms. Something that seems to help me stay connected to the outside world while still doing my schoolwork is reading outside. I'm very lucky to live in a house with a beautiful porch that allows me to soak in some lovely sun while also soaking in some knowledge.

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Spotlight on... Jake

Posted on October 05,2011 by shansenmspp

After blogging about my experiences for the past few weeks, I thought I should share some other perspectives on MSPP with you. I have decided to "spotlight" members of the School Psychology Program. First up.....meet Jake! He was kind enough to answer my questions and share his thoughts with the MSPP community. Jake is a fellow first-year in the School Psychology program.

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If I turn blue, don't panic...

Posted on October 05,2011 by sthurstonmspp

  • The average (healthy) human being can hold their breath for between 30 and 60 seconds.
  • Magician David Blaine managed to hold his breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds.
  • Karoline Nariechen Meyer, of Brazil, holds the world record with 18 minutes 33 seconds.
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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Posted on October 04,2011 by mmosesmspp

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. The following is an excerpt from a 2009 proclamation from President Obama:

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