Bridging the Gap

Andrea Bedoya - Ecuador 2014


Ecuador 2014

Andrea Bedoya - Ecuador 2014

Hola from Ecuador

Zully Lizarazo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica and San Jose - Cat

Costa Rica and San Jose

Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching helps prepare you for ICF coach certification

Costa Rica Weekend Report

Cat Smail - Costa Rica 2014

Andrea Bedoya - Ecuador 2014

LMHP Summer Immersion Costa Rica 2014

Executive coaching training: Expect to be challenged, academically and personally

Spend the right amount of time on learning to coach

How is Massachusetts addressing and treating postpartum depression?

The Great Expectations Recession

Part-Time Allows for a Good Time

Decisions, decisions


Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Alliance for MA (SAM)

For the Adventure Seekers

Trauma & Treatment

Cultural Competency and the DSM-5

Interview Days

Art as Self Care

Nick Covino: Leveraging technology in education & mental health

MSPP Veterans Conference, April 18!

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

Benefits of Early Childhood Assessment

Can You Spare Some Change?

Super supervision

A Small Helpful Tool

Global Mental Health Film Series: War Don Don

Conversation with Dr. Covino

I guess that's why they call it the blues

Where, oh where, is Spring?

Veterans conference, April 18, 2014

My Journey to America, and to MSPP

A Spotlight on Professor Gagliardi, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Tips for Surving the GRE

Anxiety as a Positive Agent for Change

Demonstration Blog Post

Top 4 Tips for Interviewing

Top 3 Tips for Linked In

Top 3 Tips for Resume Writing

Preemptive Nostalgia

Greetings from Fatimah

An Afghan Adventure

Marshall Ganz on narrative & social movements

It's all a balancing act.

Hallmark Hurrah

Greetings from a Global Mental Health Student

Pearls of Wisdom... no, really!

Snow Day for All!

The Big Super Game

Kid President

Dr. Gregory on Organizational/Leadership Psychology Program

What Lies Ahead

Leadership Psychology vlog


Dust Off Your Suit

Dr. Susan Powell

The School Psychology Department’s Annual Holiday Party


And so the Pendulum swings back...

Thoughts on leadership

Information Processing and Technology

Setting Goals in the New Year

T.V. Time: Commercials that "speak" to me

Prescription nation...

Staying Grounded

Technology in the Desert and in Suicide Prevention

Season's greetings!

Clinical Seminar

5 days until Vacation...

There's No Place Like Home. Or is there?

Gaming & Violence...

Problems that Sparkle


Brain Injuries in Sports: Is it worth the price of admission?

Imagining Nelson Mandela's "dash"

Work Self versus Non-Work Bangkok

Local Restaurant Review: Plates


Learning from Practitioners

Tis the Season to be Thankful

Don't be stressed!

Gratitude in action

Bah. Humbug!

Studying, with a side of ...?

Winter Class and Textual Healing

Professional Selves- and a Confession

Welcome to Boston

The Power of Meditation

Overlaps and Updrafts

Culinary Therapy

Independent Coffee Houses

Operation Christmas Cards: Support a Soldier

Removing Potential Barriers to Mental Health Care: Social Stigma and Insurance

Happy 129th Birthday, Hermann Rorschach!

High Inference Statements...


Beards on Boylston: risk-taking and resiliency

Sweet November

Violence & Education

Getting to know Boston

Academia is changing...

Jail Guitar Doors

Social Thinking, My Thinking

Where's Waldo, and Why Should We Care?

The Root of Anxiety

One more for the mix

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Comin' Home (sorta)

Eid Mubarak!

The Ride of a Lifetime

A walk down memory lane

Long-time Learner, First-Time Blogger

Why Dogs are Awesome (and why we should be more like them)

Halfway Through- A Review of the First Half of the Semester

MSPPs Support of Veterans!

Team MSPP Midterms: Mission Possible


Gimme Shelter

Here's to new beginnings

Art Therapy at MSPP? The Healing Power of the Arts and Psychology

Scary Decisions

2nd Star to the Right

From Français to Field Placement

From Austin to Boston

NKOTB: Quick Self-Introduction


Off to a great start!

LMHP Summer Immersion: Costa Rica

We are all the Same but Different

Andrea Bedoya

Mi experiencia de vida en Costa Rica Kesina


Tecnológico Bolivariano

Ecuador- Brian Lieberman


Fundación VIDHA: The Impact of One Organization

Hola de Costa Rica!

Effectively Running Groups


Pura Vida!

Maternidad Sotomayor

Empowerment Through Education

Culture: Discovering Ecuador

Ecuador a beautiful place to be

Educating the Educators and Beyond

Bike Commute

Job Hunting!

MSPP's Annual Gala


The End

Celebrate good times...

It's the Little Things...


Let's talk about SELF, baby; let's talk about you and me; let's talk about all the good things and the bad things...

Going Clinical for Spring Break


Cupcakes for Recovery

Moving On From The Marathon: Processing Trauma

Graduation Goggles?

A Favorite Metaphor


Processing Away as the End Comes Near


The Start of My Career

In Boston, It Ain't Easy Gettin' Somewhere, but We Always Get There in the End

Mourning for my City

Another Field Project Update & A Plea for Help

"Brain Building" at the Freedman Center: Interview with Ember Cook, 3rd yr Clinicial PsyD Student

Can't Wait to Get Going, but Not Quite Ready to Leave

Special Muffins for Special People


A Multicultural Affair

Integrity Online

Time for Fundraising....or is it FUN-raising?!

Baby Got BARCC!... 2013 BARCC Walk for Change!

Boston: Not So Bad Afterall

I Am the Luckiest



I haven't been here for the Longest Time...

A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer

The beauty of messing up

On Being Sure of Your Path

Networking is not a dirty word

Finding Encouragement

Spring Surprises


Traveling Girl

Ain't No Party Like A Slumber Party b/c a Slumber Party Don't Stop (until you get too tired to play any more Scattergories...)

I can't get up!

My Body is Screaming for HELP!


Work While I Play

Reflections on a Snowy Day

Less Termination Anxiety

Mock Session Time

How It's Done

Happy Women's History Month!

10 Tips for Writing Capstone (and Surviving!)


Lean on Me

Taking Space

Field Project Update

You can take the girl out of MSPP...

My First Blog Ever

Why Spring?

Finally Settling In

Mind your A's & B's

I Like School Work in June. How about You?


Putting the "Ew" in "Lit ReviEW"


Pressing On

Next Steps

I Would Like to Work for You


Never Stop Questioning

Future Planning

Mountains Beyond Mountains ...before classes

Home Again

Balancing School and Hanky Panky

Get Excited

New Accreditation System?

What's your problem?

Let's Talk About Termination Anxiety

Road trip!

Baby Fever

"Let yourself be puzzled by the obvious." - Noam Chomsky

How time flies...

A Million Tomorrows

Sugar, Spice, and Everything.... Nice?

All Things Love

Two birds, one stone, as they say

Primary Care Behavioral Health


What to do with a double major in Psychology and Spanish:

Just Keep Swimming

Snow White and the Seven Dorks

Waiting for Nemo

60 Seconds of Impossibility

Must Being Doing Something Right

My [Short] Journey to MSPP

Inspiration in the Unlikeliest of Places

Applying to MSPP for My MAOP

History Major + Environmental Studies Minor = Career in Psychology...

Thinking of applying to MSPP for a degree in School Psychology?


Come for the Professors, stay for the coffee.

How did I get here?

The Truth About Capstone

Back in Action

Lets Talk About Self Care

I <3 Experiential Education

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

About Those Boundaries

Changing the Way Work Is Done Round Here

Where My Ladies at

I've got the mid-January blues....


Career Building in Student Affairs

A Little DBT

Community Mental Health Histories

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jerri Lynn Hogg

Full of hope


Online Learning

Finding the Re-Frame

Saying Goodbye


Here We Go

Too bad I don't drink coffee....

The Documentation Blues and a little goal-setting to start the semester off right


Who Put the Bom in the BOMBAY Bom Ba Bom, Who Put the Bang in the BANGALORE-a Ding Dong

The Next Step

HESPA Field Project

Starting with Intention

Jen's 2012 Wrap Up

Thoughts from India

The Last Day

When All Else Fails...

I Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blog-Reading...

Response to Sandy Hook Tragedy from an MSPP Faculty Member (Dr. Modesto Hevia)

What If We Don't?

A Very Pink Christmas

Holiday Fun: Procrastination? Or Self-Care?

Facing the Facts

Thoughts on the unthinkable

"Never Worry Alone"

The Grad Student Gift Guide


Survival Mode: A Strengths-Based Approach

[Insert trite, irritating title featuring the phrase "Who Let the Dogs Out"]

How to Stay Motivated While the Rest of the World Has Holiday Fun

Fueling the End of the Semester

Speed limit to be determined

Ending up at MSPP

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (until January 2nd)

Taking A Stand

Hora de Fiesta


Building the Brain... and Muscles?

Introducing myself

Still Thinking Thankful Thoughts

Not Yes

DSM-V and the Future

Homework as Self Care from Socializing

Let's Dance

Macho, macho man...

When Pink Polished Claws are Bared

Hannah's Finals Survival Guide

This Topsy-Turvey World

My Big, Fat, "Geek" Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, Grad School Style

What's My Age Again?

Making the Time

Gettin’ Jilly wit It (Na na na na na). Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr. Jill Bloom

It's a great day to be alive!

"Americans don't have hairdos" and Other Cultural Insights

The Paradox of Free Time

What happens now?

Moving West and The Meaning of "Everything"

Maybe I should invest in a set of crampons?

Not-so-tough Tuesday morning

The Must List (MSPP Style)

This Week's Top Ten (well, ten minus three)

Unprepared: Our Noreaster and My Experience Coming Straight From Undergrad

My Path to MSPP

Spotlight on.....Chris!

What is a School Psychologist?

Voting, Registering, Presenting, oh my!

Judgement-free servings of potatoes

Young at Heart

Holla' BARCC, Young'n (Hooo Hooo!)... The Annual Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Gala!

Happy November! (An Introduction.)

Sharing Stories

Then the next day...

Greetings through hurricane-force winds

Succumbing to Sandy (and School), or Embracing the Unexpected?


NYC: Just a Hop, Skip, and a Four-and-a-half-hour Chinatown Bus Ride Away

How to Write 40 Pages in a Week

Time for trick-or-treating!

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Wheelock College Counseling Center

We're not in Kansas anymore

Removing the "shmindfulness" from "mindfulness shmindfulness"

Pass the maple syrup, please.

Weathering the Storm

To all fabulous teachers...

"Food and beverage and feminism will be served"

From Type B to Type A?

Just Getting Started

Going to the Chapel....

Athans Cafe: Come for the coffee and company (but get outta there because of the music)

My Two Cents on Surviving Year One

The Importance of Waiting

A New Start

Final Reflections on the Costa Rica Experience

El Fin

Adios from Ecuador

Semana #3

Final Reflections of Costa Rica

Semana 3: Terapia Rápida y Eficaz

Week 3 Costa Rica

Education in Ecuador: Week three by Carla

Escuela Velazco Ibarra & Banos

Hypnosis with Dr. Paula Llobert

Juvenile Detention Center

Mental Health in Costa Rica: Week 2

Mental Health in Costa Rica: Week 3

Week 3 Costa Rica--Escuela Miguel Obregón Lizano


Fundación Crecer

Semana Dos: Centro de Detención Juvenil

Recepción en Fundación Dra. Cynthia Lucero

Guayaquil Welcomes MSPP Students!

Week 2 (mas o menos)

Costa Rica: Week Two


Greetings from Ecuador! Carla here:

Guest Faculty Post # 2: Latino Mental Health Program Immersion through Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano in Guayaquil, Ecuador

La Segunda Semana

Clinical Rotations in Costa Rica, Week 2

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Ecuador: Week 1

La Truchas (Trout) de Cuenca

Many Firsts on this First Week!

Grupos en el hospital Doctor Calderón Guardia

In Case of Emergency

Pura Vida

La Clínica Neuropsicología de UNIBE

Las Familias

Hola From Costa Rica

¡Pura vida! =)

Guest Faculty Post: Latino Mental Health Program immersion through UNIBE in Costa Rica


First Impressions

Nerd Alert!

Before the music starts playing...

NOLA 2012

The Master Plan

A Much Needed Break

Who's bringing the popcorn?

Thanks, Mr. Weather Man!

St Elmo's Fire

Building Self-Esteem Through Expressive Therapies

Turbo-charge the Vitamin C!

The eyes feel heavy...

Soup Slurping

And My Internship Search is Over!

Driving in Puerto Rico

Good News All Around

"Sometimes the road you choose is not what you expected..."

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

The (not-to-be) Dreaded Housing Search

Women in the Military

New Cover Sheets on all the TPS Reports...

My Very First Session as a Therapist

Burning the Candle on Both Ends

Food for thought: School Psychology is like....

Through the looking glass


Q & A (and chocolate chip cookies) with the President

I Miss Bread!

Spring is in the Air!

We named the dog Indiana


First Blended Course: Complete

Smell the roses, blow out the candles

Nuts & Bolts

What do school psychologists do, exactly?

Health Insurance Blues

The City of Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love

Living in Boston


Female Serial Killers

Woooo, breaktime!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Adult Psychopathology

Countdown until February Vacation

Hitting Research Gold

Recipe for success!

Busy Bee

Sad News

For you ambitious types out there....

My Journey to MSPP


When I met MSPP


My Path to MSPP

The Rest is Pretty Much History


Getting On Track With My Lit Review

Can you walk and chew gum?


A Hectic Day of No Shows

My First Weekend-in-Residence

Gabrielle Giffords Steps Down

A Lazy Saturday

Call Me Tricia


fuzzy feelings

Getting A Late Start

Kicking Off the Second Semester

School Psychology Through the Looking Glass

The Arabic Evangelical Baptist Church of Boston

Good Morning!

One Semester Down!

Serving Tucson

Arizona in December

Sparklers and Frosting

Tales from my Study Cave

Field placement interviews...already?!

When Boston Feels Like Austin

'Tis the Season

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

The Final Few Weeks

Giving Thanks for School

Arizona's SB1070

Where have all the leaves gone?

Superman vs Captain Marvel

The Promise

The Doll Situation: Not so Black and White

We're down to crunch time, people!

Second Childhood

Thanks for the support

The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle


Spotlight on....Erika!

Pet Therapy

Are you, in fact, smarter than a 5th grader?

October Activities in the Boston Area

Directed Studies

The Murtaugh List

Trying MSPP on for Size

Blended Courses Demystified

Moving from Idaho to Boston

Driving in Boston

What kind of coffee does Dracula drink?

I have a date with Freud tonight

Beloved Boston

Weekend classes!

/f/ /u/ /n/ with phonemes!

How to Balance a Weekend

National Coming Out Day

A Novel Idea


Dr. Cynthia Lucero

Indian Summers

Spotlight on... Jake

If I turn blue, don't panic...

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

A Very Long Minute

Rain, rain go away...

On your mark...

Let's talk Doc Project

Weekend in Residence

Qwelled Fears

Brownies and the Brain

Laughing, crying, singing


The Affirmation

Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays!

Finding Time to Down Dog

Where Did the Week Go?!

32 and still writing papers

First Day at Practicum

A week of first days

“Holy strawberries Batman! We’re in a Jam!”

Reflections on a Big Transition

"Fake it 'till you make it"

MA Sports

How eating avocados led me to school psychology...

A First Year’s First Feelings…

Hussle Bussle

Where Everybody Knows Your Name...

Shaking Up the Place!

Week 4 Volunteer Work

Mi Experiencia en Costa Rica


Finishing Up in Costa Rica

An Immense Need, Not Enough Time

Baños Adventure

Children International

Fun in the Sun

Testing and Wrapping up at Fundacion Crecer

Totally Tubular in Tamarindo

Half Way Point

Going to the KFC by the Alamo

Week two of Costa Rica

Cuenca, Ecuador

Two Weeks Down, Three Weeks to Go!

Celebration at Fundacion Crecer

Faculty Support

Welcoming Ceremony 2011

Work Organizations and Spanish Classes!

Ecuadorian Homestay

Jenga @ Church

Getting Comfortable.

Week 1


Odds, Ends & Beginnings

Wrapping Up The Year With Some Big Changes!

Final Blog!

A&P's: what they are and how to plan for them

End of the semester stress!

En Route Masters for Clinical PsyD Program

Job Search

Quest Project for my Humanistic Theory Class

Millennium Park

End of the Semester

Making a Decision: Location, location, location!

A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, and a Prayer

Capstone Presentation

A & P Conference

MSPP professors are...understanding and flexible!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Spring break is over...

Why I Chose MSPP's School Psychology Program

How I Made the Decision to Come to MSPP....

Why MSPP? Accepting Your Acceptance Letter!

Why I chose MSPP

March is Women's History Month!

On being a broke grad student

"What women have influenced you?" for Women's History Month

Summer classes!

Getting Involved at MSPP

Summer Semester

A Day in the Life of an M.A. Counseling Student

Self-care can be anything!

Mid-Semester Stress- How to Deal!

An MSPP Filled Weekend!

Time Management: A Key to Success

Helping Continue My Education...

Student Trip to New Orleans

3rd Guest Blog from Judi: Change of Career

Why I chose the PsyD over the PhD and MA.

Interview Day!

Such a friendly community

My Spring Semester Classes

Extracurriculars at MSPP

My Experience as a 1st & 2nd Year Student in the Clinical PsyD Program

Grad school can be FUN?!

Winter break is over...


Second Year Practicum Applications

Stuck in the Snow & The MSPP Community

MSPP Team Takes Assessment & Testing to Baton Rouge


Applying to Practicum/Internship Sites

Buying Books For Grad School 2: More Tips

Kicking Off My Semester for the Last Time!

Some Tips on Interviewing!

2nd Blog Update from Angie in New Orleans (Service Trip)

Student Service Trip to New Orleans: C.A.R.E. Update from Angie Reather-

Feliz Año Nuevo - Happy New Year!

Nightmare After Christmas: One Student's Application Process

Application Process Memories


A 2nd Guest Blog from Judi: Applying to MSPP

Application Advice

8 Useful Tips!

Cynthia Lucero's Mom Interview Part I and II - English Version

Holiday Spirit

Unique Experiences at My Internship

Cynthia Lucero's Mom Interview Part II

M.A. vs PsyD part III

The Importance of Time Management

A Self-Care Trip to Walden Pond

Cynthia Lucero's Mom Interview Part I

Additional Reasons for the M.A. vs PsyD

Tips for Graduate Level Reading

M.A. vs PsyD

Students of a Certain Age

MSPP: Offering a Unique Opportunity for Students to Focus Their Studies

Gratitud - Thanksgiving Day

Why go back to school? Why MSPP?

A Full Plate

Utilizing Resources

“Controversies in the Assessment and Treatment of Juvenile Sex Offenders”

Internship Application Process

T. Berry Brazelton "Learning From Babies" at MSPP

Interview With An Organizational Psychology Student

Halloween with MSPPers

Día de Muertos

On Being Psychologically Minded

Student Coordinating Committee (SCC) Has Bake Sale Success!

NAMI Latino y la Comunidad Interview

Love The One You're With

"It Gets Better"

School Psychology Homework 411

Gay Straight Alliance

Language in Psychotherapy

Register TODAY for MSPP Preparatory Courses!

For the Commitment-Phobe

Fall is the Season for Apple Picking!

7 (Mostly) Fun-filled Days


Lucero Memorial 5K Run/Walk

The Importance of Personal Therapy



2 Days are Better Than None

Testing and Numbers and Running, Oh My!

On Self-Care

Advanced Standing ( What Is It?)

Some Advice...

It's Always Sunny In...Boston?

4 Weeks into the School Psych Program

Thoughts on Fall Semester

Rotación at Sub-Centro de Salud Luchadores del Norte